5 Quick Facts About James Jebbia’s Wife Bianca Jebbia

James Jebbia's Wife Bianca JebbiaJames Jebbia's Wife Bianca Jebbia is beautiful and artsy. Image Source: Biance's Twitter.

James Jebbia is a British-American businessman and fashion designer known for his skateboarding shop & clothing brand, Supreme New York. Jebbia created one of the most anticipated brands in the fashion world and accumulated monumental success. Alongside a successful business, he is a wonderful husband to a beautiful wife, Bianca Jebbia.

Very little is known about James Jebbia’s wife, Bianca Jebbia. Therefore, here are five quick facts about Bianca Jebbia.

Prefers A Private Life Like Her Husband

Supreme founder James Jebbia is known for keeping his life private, and his soulmate, Bianca, is as confidential as himself. The married couple appears at events together, incorporating exciting fashion choices. However, their presence on social media is quite uneven.

Furthermore, James Jebbia’s wife, Bianca Jebbia’s Twitter account, comes alive now and then after a considerable gap. Well, she used to be pretty active back in 2011, a time when she used to allow her fans to know her ‘Temple Run’s score. However, she took a break from social media shortly in 2013 and sprung back in 2015.

Since then, Bianca’s appearance on Twitter became scarce. The Jebbia duo is enjoying a private life, and therefore, there isn’t much of Bianca on the Internet. Despite marrying one of the most successful entrepreneurs, James Jebbia, and rising to fame as his wife, Bianca has chosen a secluded life. We cannot unsee her impeccable fashion sense whatsoever, which we shall talk about from here on.

James Jebbia’s Wife, Bianca’s Fashion Taste Is Artsy and Comfortable

As much of a quiet family person as James Jebbia’s wife, Bianca Jebbia is, her fashion sense is louder and screams her interests. She further insists her fashion ‘comfortable meets art.’

Currently living in lower Manhattan, Bianca revealed that her style is a hybrid of fashionista meets streetwear cum lover of art. Furthermore, according to Buro, Mrs. Jebbia takes fashion tips from her son. She asks him what he likes and brings them into life. But could she have experienced the expectations vs. reality sort of thing? Like has she ever thought of an outfit that looked dope in her head, but then she tries it and looks meh?

James Jebbia's Wife Bianca Jebbia
James Jebbia’s Wife Bianca Jebbia has a colorful personality and sense of style. Image Source: James Jebbia’s Facebook.

Nevertheless, Bianca is the Supreme’s founder wife and will rock anything she wears. Moreover, according to her husband, James, she shops at brands like Prada, Chanel, and Uniqlo. Then she’ll wear something from Supreme and has fun and wears whatever she likes. Well, we are thankful that Bianca is such a colorful addition to James’ life and brought two bundles of joys on the Earth.

Mother Of Two

Although James Jebbia, the founder of Supreme, shares his talent with the world, his private life is somewhat unknown. Mr. and Mrs. Jebbia protects their privacy strictly, which could be the reason why their marriage is still blissful. Despite knowing very little of their relationship, James once talked about keeping things simple within the family.

James revealed that he prefers a silent and simple dinner with his family over anything fancy. Furthermore, the couple has been together for several decades, and their conjugal resulted in two adorable kids, Miles Jebbia and Nina Jebbia.

Alike Bianca and James, their children’s whereabouts are enclosed. However, their son, Miles, might have taken after his father and has picked interest in fashion. Bianca, who grew up in Elmhurst, Queens, raises her babies at their apartment in Lower Manhattan in a Chilean family.

Maintains The Minimalist Vibe At Home

Aforementioned, James Jabbia’s partner, Bianca, is private but did we mention she is friendly and minimalist? Well, if not, she is. As mentioned, the Jebbia couple lives in a Manhattan apartment with their babies.

The aesthetic of the Supreme founder James’ brand is known for its simplicity that boasts sophistic comfort. Hence, without contradictions, his taste in interior seems the same. In 2013, when James allowed a virtual tour of his apartment in Greenwich Village Loft, he profoundly showed his minimalist preference.

Highlighted with statement pieces from the oak bookshelf by Mogens Koch to Picasso’s porcelain ceramics, James and Bianca shared the apartment. Therefore, his Manhattan apartment might look quite similar and his wife, Bianca, helps maintain the vibe.

Bianca Jebbia Wants Her Husband To Call Himself A ‘Founder’

A man should never forget his roots, a saying Bianca Jebbia’s husband has taken by heart. Starting from a small skateboard shop named Supreme back in 1994, James made a brand that skites comfort. Currently, Supreme is one of the most proliferating companies that collaborated with other huge brands, including Louis Vuitton, Nike, etc.

The brand’s success escalated James Jabbia’s net worth to an estimated $800 million. Even after the massive hit, James still prefers to identify himself as a shopkeeper who sells skates. However, his wife wants him to call a ‘founder.’


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While talking to Vogue, James revealed that his wife, Bianca insists he called himself a founder, but ‘I run a skate shop’ is how he usually puts it. Until now, we might have understood that James is a minimal person and is pretty realistic. Therefore, while growing the brand at a steady pace, he revealed that he is wary of anything that questions his ability to take risks at risk.

Furthermore, Bianca’s beloved partner also talked about doing stuff out of passion and not to stay alive makes him proud. Hence, James likes to keep out of categories and brush off how he founded a company worth a billion. As of November 2020, the Supreme had been acquired by VF Corp. for $2 billion.

Well, James Jebbia’s wife, Bianca Jebbia, wants the best for her family and herself. This could be why she keeps away from the media scrutiny. While respecting her need for privacy, let’s wait until she shares more of her life with her well-wishers in the future.

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