7 Facts About Chris Burney Including His Wife, Net Worth, Guitar And Career

Chris Burney's FactsChris Burney has amassed immense fame and fortune as guitarist and backing vocalist of Bowling For Soup. Image Source: Social Media.

Chris Burney is well-known in the music industry. He came into prominence as the guitarist and backing vocal artist of the popular American rock band Bowling for Soup. He has amassed enormous fame and popularity in his musical career.

Apart from the fame and recognition, Chris has also amassed an enormous fortune in his name. His fans around the world are curious to know about Chris Burney’s professional and personal life.

So, stick with us to learn facts about Chris Burney.

Was Born In Texas

Chris Burney was born Christopher Lee Burney in Wichita County, Texas, USA. His parents welcomed him on May 25, 1969. Chris Burney has not revealed anything about his parents. Similarly, there is no information about his siblings. Nevertheless, we can hope that Chris Burney might have had a great childhood while growing up.

Chris’s family owned a Wichita Falls coffeehouse called “The Refugee.” The coffeehouse had a music stage where he played with his first band, The Persecuted.

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Had Formed Other Bands Before BFS

Chris Burney knew Jaret Reddick since they were teenagers. During their high school days, there were several commercially successful heavy metal music of bands such as Quiet Riot, RATT, and Motley Crue. As mentioned earlier, Chris Burney used to perform with his first band, the Persecuted, in his family’s coffeehouse.

In the early 1990s, he and Jaret met bassist Erik Chandler and drummer Gary Wiseman.

Chris formed the Folkadots with Erik, while Gary formed Gary & the Wiseman. Jaret had met Lance Morrill, original drummer of the future band Bowling For Soup, in the fall of 1976 and had reconnected in kindergarten in the fall of 1977. Chris and Erik formed the band Slaw with Lance, while Jaret formed the band Terminal Seasons. He later joined the band called coolfork!, which was formed by Reddick and Morrill.

By 1993, the band was full in swing and performed in different coffee houses and similar venues like the Refuge.

Formed The Band Bowling For Soup

As mentioned earlier, Chris and other band members previously formed different bands before forming the band Bowling For Soup (BFS). First, Chris and other band members formed a band called Rubberneck, which they later renamed Bowling For Soup. The term was derived from a comedy act by popular American comedian Steve Martin.

On June 4, 1994, Jaret, Chris, Erik, and Lance officially formed the band Bowling For Soup.

Facts About Chris Burney
Chris Burney and other team members formed the band in June 1994. Image Source: Bowling For Soup Instagram.

With the band’s formation, Jaret was the lead vocalist and guitarist, Chris was a guitarist and backing vocalist, Erik was a bassist, a backing vocalist, and an acoustic guitarist, and Lance was a drummer, percussion player, and backing vocalist. However, Lance left the band in 1988, and Gary Wiseman replaced him in July of the same year.

The band that was formed in Wichita Falls, Texas, later relocated to Denton, Texas, in 1996. In 1998, for Denton music label FFROE, they recorded their second studio album, Rock on Honorable Ones!!, which was their third album overall. In addition, they released their first EP, Tell Me When to Whoa, through FFROE the same year.

Since then, Bowling for Soup has released several albums and has earned significantly.

Possibly Amassed A Fortune From The Band

Chris Burney has gained huge fame and fortune in his musical career. Most of the wealth amassed by Chris comprises his income from the band. Thus, we can assume that Chris Burney’s net worth to be of a commendable amount.

Most of his fortune comprises his income from the albums that the group released in different years.

AlbumsMP3Audio CD
Sorry For Party'N -$49.07
Lunch Drunk Love$9.49$23.58
I'm Gay-$9.49
Drunk Dynasty$8.99$14.58
Punk Rock 101-$45
Let's Do It For Johnny$9.99$18
Bitch Song-$38.54

Besides the earnings from the band, Chris has also earned significantly through brand endorsement and sponsorship. The popularity and recognition that he has earned have helped him receive several endorsement and sponsorship offers from different brands. Thus, Chris Burney’s fortune must be a grand sum.

All thanks to his net worth, he is able to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Keeps His Private Life Away From The Media

Despite the fame that he has gained, Chris seems to be a private person. He has not talked about his personal life in front of the media. As a result, the information about Chris Burney’s partner has not been revealed yet. He might be single or might also be dating someone.

Nevertheless, any woman dating a famous musician like him must be fortunate.

Furthermore, talking about Chris Burney’s kids, in one of his Twitter posts, he mentioned his wish to have his own kids so that he could buy them some toys. However, in June 2018, he tweeted that he does not want any child of his own but would like to adopt so that his dog Wally can have a cool buddy. Only time will tell if Chris will have a baby of his own.

Chris Burney’s Guitar

As mentioned earlier, Chris Burney is famous as the guitarist and backing vocalist of the band Bowling For Soup. As a guitarist, he must have a good collection of guitars and gears. His favorite guitar is the one that he named Bam Bam. Chris Burney’s guitar consists of skull stickers and a snake wrapped in a bowling pin.

And it looks like Chris took his guitar to fix at The Tone Shop if needed.

Chris Burney's Guitar
Chris Burney has named his guitar Bam Bam. Image Source: Bowling For Soup Instagram.

Chris has also mentioned that he does not want to play other guitars as he became habitual to his Bam Bam guitar for quite a long time.

Loves To Paint His Nails

Going through his Instagram, we can see that Chris loves nail arts. He has posted several pictures of his nails in different colors. In one of the posts, he mentioned that he used to bite his nails, which he stopped in December 2017. He gets his nail polishes from I Scream Nails, which is an Australian-made vegan and cruelty-free nail polish.

Chris Burney is living a great life with his pet dog Wally. He is still very dedicated to his career and goes on several tours with his band members. So, there’s no doubt that he will gain more success along with huge fame and fortune in the future.

Here’s to hoping to know more about Chris Burney in the future.

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