7 Facts About Natalie Wihongi, She Is Karl Urban’s Ex-Wife And A Mother Of Two

Karl Urban's ex-wife Natalie WihongiKarl Urban's ex-wife Natalie Wihongi is living a private life away from the media's approach. Image Source: Wihongi's Facebook.

It is always the actors that come to the limelight and impress the world with their actions. However, it takes an outstanding makeup artist to create the characters’ life and examples of such exceptional talent is Natalie Wihongi. The beautiful makeup artist, Wihongi, is from New Zealand and has worked in several movies.

Along with the artistry, Natalie Wihongi is famous as Karl Urban’s ex-wife and his baby mama. Therefore, let’s find out more about Karl Urban’s ex-wife and a fantastic makeup artist, Natalie Wihongi.

Makeup Artist

Mostly famous as Karl Urban‘s ex-wife, Natalie Wihongi is also known for her work as a makeup artist. Although Wihang decided on keeping her accomplishments a secret, she worked on several commercially successful movies, including Rain and The Privateers.

Despite keeping a professional career a secret, Karl Urban’s ex-wife, Natalie, must have struggled to conquer. Furthermore, born in Auckland, New Zealand, she honed her skills as a newbie and finally got her chance to shine in The Privateers.

Wihongi’s talent was acknowledged, and hence, she began gaining more projects and fame as a bonus.

Worked With Ex-Husband, Karl Urban

A person will never know what the world has conspired for them until it starts unraveling. Such was Natalie Wihongi’s journey as a makeup artist. Aforementioned, Urban’s baby mama, Wihongi, has buried her professional achievements, but she is unable to silence her well-known work with former husband, Karl Urban in The Privateers during the 2000s.

Furthermore, it is also believed that Natalie’s career as a makeup artist made a turning point from the movie. Also, she must have showcased her talent in several other films that we are unaware of.

Besides her fame as an artist, Natalie got to work with her former love on the set of The Privateers. Karl and Natalie already had a baby boy before sharing their vows in 2004. Therefore, we can only guess if the former couple had known one another for pretty long years.

Married Urban In 2004

As mentioned before, the former love birds, Karl and Natalie’s path crossed in the early 2000s professionally. However, they dated for a few years before walking down the aisle on 16 September 2004.

Unfortunately, the former Urban couple has always maintained their privacy, which led to their intimate ceremony surrounded by friends and families. Furthermore, very little is known about the pair’s relationship history, but judging by their public appearances, the Urban-Wihongi couple was pretty glamorous.

Regrettably, love is pretty darn tricky when one is on a career hike, and schedules are hectic. A similar case occurred to the former Urban couple, and they parted ways after several years of marriage.

Indiana Jones franchise Inspired Name

Natalie Wihongi is a strikingly beautiful woman mixed with her personality blended with her makeup skills. The beautiful blonde gave birth to two handsome sons with her ex-husband, Karl Urban.

Their eldest son, Hunter Urban, was born on 16 December 2000. Similarly, they made their relationship official in 2004, and their second kid joined the family on 28 June 2005. The former love-birds named their second son, Indiana Urban, inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise’s eponymous hero.

Karl Urban's sons
Karl Urban’s ex-wife, Natalie gave birth to two kids, Hunter and Indiana Urban. Image Source: Wihongi’s Facebook.

Unfortunately, both of Karl Urban’s sons are private and staying away from media scrutiny. However, Wihongi’s son, Hunter, has an Instagram where he flaunts his fishing skills and love for dogs. Other than that, there is no way on earth we could find his mother or brother’s whereabouts.

Similarly, Natalie also posted a few pictures of her boys on her Facebook back in 2016. Otherwise, she has maintained utter silence since.

Furthermore, despite the couple’s divorce, they maintained relationships for their kids, and hence Hunter follows his father on Instagram and vice versa. Despite having to crunch on Wihongi-Urban’s kid’s information, we hope they are growing into fine human beings.

Amicably Parted Ways After Two Boys

Not all bad happens to break you but mend you as well. As stated above, Karl and Natalie’s decade-long marriage ended in divorce. However, their divorce was amicable.

According to the NZ Herald, the former couple announced their separation via a public relations agency. They disclosed that the decision was mutual, and they would maintain a family relationship.

Natalie Wihongi gave birth to Karl Urban’s children throughout their marriage, which compelled them to maintain family relationships and not let their failed marriage affect their sons.

Along with the separation, they sold their NZ$5.25 million mansions in the Herne Bay section in New Zealand in December 2014. Natalie Wihongi’s ex-husband, Karl, was in a relationship with actress Katee Sackhoff for four years. Into the bargain, Natalie published her new partner’s pictures via Facebook.

Shares Love For Dogs With Her Sons

Previously said, Natalie Wihongi’s son, Hunter, is an avid dog lover and flaunts his dogs via his Instagram. But, did we mention Natalie shares her love for dogs with her sons? If not, please know Hunter inherited the animal love.

She often posted about her hounds on Facebook and must have shared a gazillions cute pictures via her private Instagram. Furthermore, she seemed concerned about their health like they were her kids. Naturally, she must consider them her fur babies.


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Although we do not see much of Natalie’s dogs, we do get to see Hunter’s. Despite the secrecy, the mother of two is currently living in Auckland with her lover and her innate ability to embrace nature.

Moved On In Auckland, New Zealand

Aforesaid, Karl Urban’s ex-wife, Natalie Wihongi, has maintained secrecy throughout her life. She had refrained from showing her private and personal experience to the media even when she was married to The Boys actor, Karl.

Karl Urban's ex-wife Natalie Wihongi
Karl Urban’s ex-wife Natalie Wihongi has moved on and is living with her new partner in Auckland. Image Source: Wihongi’s Facebook

As of now, Natalie resides in her birthplace, Auckland, along with her anonymous newfound love. She seems to enjoy her life with her new partner and her lovely kids. Unfortunately, she has kept things lowkey since 2016, but we do hope the nature-lover is happy and healthy.

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