Learn More About Alain Prost’s Wife Anne-Marie Prost, Married In 1980

Alain Prost's wife, Anne ProstAlain Prost's wife, Anne Prost is a secretive woman. Image Source: Image Source: Niolas' Instagram.

Alain Marie Pascal Prost, aka Alain Prost, is one of the most excellent F1 drivers ever. The four-time Formula One driver’s champion held a record for most Grand Prix victories until 2001 when Michael Schumacher surpassed his 51 wins.

Prost won the 1993 championship and retired at the end of the year. He is nicknamed ‘The Professor’ for his intellectual approach to competition. Besides being a successful racer, he is also a doting father of three and husband of Anne Marie. So, let’s talk about Alain Prost’s wife, Anne-Marie Prost. 

Living A Very Private Life

The four-time F1 champion, Alain Prost’s wife, Anne Marie-Prost, is a beautiful woman and an exceptionally private person. The couple was together for a long time before she vanished in the thin air.

Presently, Anne Marie is living a secluded life from social scrutiny. The dog-lover, Anne, is a very private person and loves to keep her hands off social media. She has only 264 followers and uploaded three posts since February 2018.


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Alain Prost’s wife, Anne, previously worked as a teacher but she later on migrated to Switzerland with her husband, Alain. Unfortunately, her degree was not accepted in Switzerland, and she was unable to continue her profession.

As of now, Anne Marie barely appears on television. Hence it is hard to talk about her whereabouts. However, it can be said that she’s healthy and happy. Let’s hope to see more of her in the coming days.

Childhood Sweethearts

Alain Prost and Anne Marrie Prost have a long history together. The pair met when they were in their teens, seventeen to be precise. The couple had fallen in love at first sight and went on to share their vows in 1980 in Saint-Chamond.

Alain Prost’s wife was always with him to witness him from his low to the prime of his career. The pair enjoyed most of their youths together and welcomed two babies together.

Alain Prost's wife, Anne Prost
Alain Prost’s wife, Anne Prost gave birth to two children during their decades-long marriage. Image Source: Nicolas’ Instagram.

Furthermore, they moved a couple of times to find a suitable home for the family of three. They had to migrate because of the feuds Alain’s career generated. As Anne Prost’s husband, Alain’s career grew, he found himself increasingly at odds with his team’s management.

Fed up with increasing heat with team-mate Rene Arnoux, Prost moved with his wife and their son to Switzerland and went on to race again with the British-based McLaren team in 1984. However, relationship as a racer and a housewife was not fulfilling.

Being young, Alain sought a few more relationships on the racing track and found someone else to share the love with. Hence, the pair is divorced and very low-key about their separation.

Anne Marie Prost Suffered A Terrible Accident During Second Pregnancy

Aforementioned, Alain Prost’s wife, Anne, gave birth to two adorable children together. The former pair welcomed their first child, Nicolas Prost, on 18 August 1981 and second son, Sacha Prost, on 30 May 1990.

Unfortunately, Alain Prost’s ex-spouse experienced a terrible accident during her second pregnancy. He was driving in a small Swiss road with his wife, Anne, and one of his friends. Their car collided with a train and pushed the vehicle furthermore than thirty meters forward.

Luckily no one was severely injured. Anne gave birth to her second son, Sacha, after a month and a half later. She was in her third trimester during the unfortunate.

Successful Children

Although Alain’s former partner followed him wherever he went, her sons are hella successful. Anne Prost’s sons succeeded in their career choices.

Alain Prost's wife, Anne Prost
Alain Prost and Anne Prost welcomed two children together. Image Source: Nicolas’ Instagram.

Anne and Alain Prost’s eldest son, Nicolas, followed their father’s footsteps and became a racer, whereas their second child is a successful entrepreneur. The grandmother of three enjoys her time with her sons and their children, still, away from the public’s eyes.

Nicolas posts about Anne occasionally, but let’s hope to see more of her in the future.

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