What Does Angela Hill’s Husband Adam Blair Pryde Do?

Angela Hill SpouseAngela Hill is married to her long time partner Adam Pryde. Photo Source: Angela Hill's Instagram.

What’s 5’3″, 115 lb, and should not be messed with? It is none other than MMA fighter Angela Patrice Hill also known by her fighting name, Overkill. Angela Hill is a former World Kickboxing Association Champion and ranks 14 in the UFC Women’s strawweight rankings as of January 2023.

You might be wondering who this deadly beauty might be dating. Well, let me break it to you, Angela isn’t dating anyone. In fact, she has been married for almost 15 years now. So, let’s learn everything we know about Angela Hill’s husband, Adam Blair Pryde.

Right Place At The Right Time

After proving her grit and strength in the ring for many years, Angela has impressively balanced her private and professional life without getting it all jumbled up. But many viewers who are smitten by Hill’s combat skills are also interested in knowing her personal life. Do you believe in fate? If not, then you will after learning about how Angela met her husband, Adam.

Hill was born and raised in the US, so naturally, we expect the couple’s first meeting to be around the same vicinity. But Angela found the love of her life 2985 miles away in Kyoto, Japan. In 2006, Hill decided to take a semester abroad, which led to their meeting. Well, almost 17 years later, the duo is stronger than ever, even more so in love.

Angela Hill Relationship
Angela Hill met her partner in Kyoto, Japan. Photo Source: Angela Hill’s Instagram.

The couple has been inseparable ever since, and just by watching them together, we, as viewers, can feel the astronomical amount of love and respect for one another. Some sites mention they tied the knot in 2008, but according to Angela’s Instagram posts, the couple got hitched in January 2009 in NYC City Hall. The duo has never shied away from showing love and adoration towards each other on social media.

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Who Is Angela Hill’s Husband?

Many might be wondering if Adam is only known for being the fighter’s hubby. However, he is not just Angela Hill’s husband; he is also a fighter. In an interview with SEC Sports, Adam Blair Pryde’s wife gushed about Adam’s multiple roles as a coach, trainer, nutritionist, sparring partner, and cornerman. We can see Pryde in most of her matches at the Hill’s corner.

The husband and wife jump into the advanced pad-work class at night with the rest of the fight team. The couple began doing Muay Thai as a workout and later got addicted. Well, it is safe to say that Angela Hill’s husband has helped and supported Angela all along for her to become one of the most feared and strong contenders in the Women’s Strawweight division.

The interracial couple is setting relationship goals and is making standards high with each passing year. When not fighting, Angela revealed that the love birds spend their time together playing video games. One adorable testament of their love is when Angela lost her wedding ring in Mexico City, and they got matching tattoos on their ring finger as a permanent replacement.

Has The Couple Welcomed Any Children Yet?

Hill debuted as a professional boxer in 2014 and has been active. The UFC fighter has been married for almost 14 years but has no children yet. Hill has kept her personal matters out of the media and seldom talks about her personal life in public. Angela Hill’s husband must be proud of what she has achieved.

Hill seems busy focusing on her UFC career, and with her husband by her side, constantly supporting her, it seems pretty evident that Angela will go far ahead and come out as one of the most fierce and deadly UFC contenders. Nonetheless, we hope we hear some good news soon. We send her best wishes and are rooting for her success and future endeavors.

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