Did You Know Angela Hill’s Grandparents are Barney And Betty Hill?

Angela Hill GrandparentsAngela Hill is the granddaughter of Barney and Betty Hill who claimed to be abducted by extraterrestrials. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

If you keep up with combat sports and are an avid watcher of such sports, then there’s no chance of you being unfamiliar with the name Angela Hill. She currently takes 12th place in the women’s strawweight UFC roster and is also a former World Kickboxing Association Champion. Her achievements know no bounds, but there’s something else very much interesting about the fighter.

It might leave your mouth wide open to know who Angela Hill’s grandparents were. They were none other than Barney Hill and Betty Hill, the couple who were abducted by extraterrestrials. Stick until the end to learn everything about Angela Hill’s grandparents’ UFO encounter and how Netflix is reportedly eyeing to make a movie based on that encounter after all these years.

Angela Hill’s Grandparents’ Side Of The Story

Barney and Betty Hill’s story always comes up when talking about real-life incidents related to aliens, as it was the first widely publicized report of an extraterrestrial invasion in the United States. On September 19 to 20, 1961, while returning to Portsmouth from their vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal, the Hill couple experienced an alien invasion. According to Betty, she first saw the bright light in the sky just south of Lancaster, New Hamshire.

The couple stopped near the field and saw around eight to eleven humanoid figures peeking out of the craft’s windows. Terrified, Barney drove the car as fast as he could to flee the scene, but almost immediately, they heard a rhythmic series of beeping or buzzing sounds that seemed to bounce off the trunk of their vehicle. It led to them feeling a tingling sensation pass through their bodies, leaving their minds dulled.

Another series of beeping or buzzing sounds returned them to full consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, they realized they’d traveled 35 miles south with vague memories of this section of road. Even after returning to their home, the couple revealed feeling some odd sensations and impulses they could not explain. Some incidents like scraped toes of the shoes, torn leather strap of binoculars, and Betty’s dress torn at the hem, zipper, and lining were out of their memories. They didn’t have any recollection of how this happened.

This caused havoc in the community wanting to know about aliens and the existence of extraterrestrial beings. The couple went to numerous interviews and even sought help from the hypnosis to regain the lost memories.

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Netflix Adaptation Of This Encounter

After over 60 years of the reported incident, Netflix will be bringing Barney and Betty Hill’s story to its streaming platform as a movie titled “White Mountains.” Higher Ground Production, the production company of former president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, will produce the feature film. Viewers are excited and looking forward to the film’s release. However, since it has only been in the pre-stage of production, we still have to wait some time for the film’s release date and further details.

On the other hand, Angela Hill mentioned her thoughts regarding the topic. As a direct descendant of the alien witness who inspired the movie in the first place, Angela expressed her desire to be a part of the project. She also revealed that she grew up listening to the news since she was just a child, and today to have her childhood story turn into a movie, she definitely wants to have some say in it and be an active part of it. Furthermore, the UFC fighter talked about how the production team should have contacted direct relatives of Barney to have their side of the story as well because she believed it would bring more life to the story.

Barney and Betty are the paternal grandparents of Angela. But Betty is her step-grandmother. Additionally, after Barney’s death on February 25, 1969, Angela and Betty never really kept in contact with each other.

Angela Hill’s Prominent Career

Angela Hill had her own identity and needed no other introduction. However, to be the first black American female in UFC, along with many other accomplishments, it is quite hard to keep up with Angela’s milestones. Hill, born on January 12, 1985, started her professional MMA career relatively late in 2014. Before, she worked as an animator in animation studios and as a bartender. Hill holds an impressive 16-0 kickboxing record, and her pro-MMA record is 15-12-0 as of December 2022.

Angela Hill Profession
Angela Hill is an American MMA artist who competes in the strawweight division. Photo Source: Angela Hill’s Instagram.

The lady fighter is also known by her nickname, Overkill. She is actively using her platform to support the black community and voice against the unfairness of the system. To watch Hill during the brawl is sure a sight to see, and we hope to see many more of her fights in the coming future.

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