Where Is Ayrton Senna’s Ex-Wife, Lilian de Vasconcelos Souza Now?

Ayrton Senna's Ex-Wife Lilian de Vasconcelos SouzaLilian and Ayrton were married for less than a year. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Ayrton Senna was a racing driver of Brazilian nationality who is considered one of the greatest race car drivers of all time. He had won a number of championship titles, including the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship in 1988, 1990, and 1991. Senna had established himself as one of the most successful racing drivers in his racing career.

Sadly, we lost the race car legend in May 1994 after his car crashed into a concrete barrier during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix in Italy. He had been married once in his life, and at the time of his death, he was dating Brazilian model Adriane Galisteu. But today, let’s know more about Ayrton Senna’s ex-wife Lilian de Vasconcelos Souza.

Ayrton And Lilian Were Childhood Friends

As mentioned earlier, the late racing driver was once married to Lilian de Vasconcelos Souza. Their love story is one of the unique ones that began from their childhood. In an article, Ayrton Senna’s ex-wife revealed that they were from the Tremembé neighborhood. He was her first love, and she always encouraged him to do better every time.

The couple met for the first time when they were just kids. They used to play together in the building where Senna’s cousin lived. Moreover, Lilian and Ayrton’s mothers were close to one another. When they were in their late teens, Lilian’s then-husband confessed his feelings to her. Within two months of dating, in 1981, the childhood sweethearts walked down the aisle.

Ayrton Senna's Ex-Wife Lilian de Vasconcelos Souza
Ayrton Senna and Lilian de Vasconcelos Souza met when they were very young. Image Source: Social Media.

The following day, the newlyweds went to Europe as he had to compete in Formula 3 and karting. For a year, Lilian and her husband lived in Norwich, England. The couple had a blissful marital life and loved each other immensely throughout their marriage journey.

Ayrton’s Passion For Racing Became A Problem For Marriage

Although the married duo had known each other since their childhood, the couple’s marriage could not last long. Eight months after their wedding, the duo started having problems. Ayrton Senna’s ex-wife, Lilian Senna da Silva, revealed that racing was his first crush, and she was his second. Moreover, racing was more important for him than his family, friends, and even wife.

In addition, Lilian’s ex-husband, Senna, used to sleep in separate beds before his race to avoid libido. These all made her lonely and left out.

The duo broke up after Lilian discovered that she was pregnant. After knowing about the pregnancy, she shared the good news with her husband. But, unfortunately, she received an unexpected response from him. He gave a cold reply that if she was pregnant, she had to forget it and had to go to Brazil to raise their kid.

While Senna mainly focused on his racing career, Lilian wanted to have a family with her husband. The response that her husband gave broke her inside. She realized how unimportant she was to her beau. Unfortunately, three days later, Lilian had a miscarriage.

After that, the duo moved back to Brazil as Senna was disappointed with some F3 contracts. After living together for almost a year, they got divorced. Lilian describes the process as very painful and traumatizing. She also did not ask for any alimony. The divorced duo moved on with their life after the divorce.

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Ayrton Senna’s Ex-Wife Remarried

As mentioned earlier, Ayrton Senna and Lilian de Vasconcelos Souza moved on in their respective lives following the divorce. In 1983, Ayrton Senna’s ex-wife met her second husband with whom she fell in love and got married within six months.

The following year, Lilian’s dream of her having a family with her husband became reality with the birth of her son. However, Souza has not revealed any details about her child. Sadly, her second marriage also could not be successful.

Then, Lilian got married for the third time. When Senna breathed his last, she was in her house with her third husband. Sadly this marriage too was not successful. In an interview, she revealed that she had talked to Senna ten years after their divorce. They both became emotional and could not speak more.

Furthermore, it is not known if Lilian is seeing someone after her third marriage. She has remained away from the media limelight. In 2010, it was reported that Lilian was working as an exterior and interior designer. However, it is not sure if she is still in the same profession.

Nevertheless, Lilian must be living her life away from the media limelight. Let’s hope Ayrton Senna’s ex-wife must be in sound health, and she opens up about herself in the media in the future.

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