Where Are Rapper Craig Mack’s Wife Roxanne and Two Children?

Craig Mack's wife RoxanneCraig Mack aka MC EZ was one of the foundational member of Bad Boy Record Label. Image Source: Asah's Instagram.

Every ’80s and 90’s kid who likes hip-hop must have heard Craig Mack‘s name. He was a very influential and impactful rapper of the 20th century. Mack started out rapping as a teenager. His stage name during the initial days was MC EZ. Similarly, his first single, Get Retarted/Just Rhymin, was also released under the name MC EZ.

Craig’s significance in the hip-hop industry is respected and talked about to this date. He was one of the foundational artists for Bad Boy Records. Yes, the same label Sean Combs and Notorious B.I.G. are associated with. Mack was one of the first music artists to record a deal with the newly founded label, but Notorious B.I.G.’s early sucess overshadowed him.

A week before Craig Mack’s debut album Funk da World‘s release, B.I.G. released his debut album, Ready to Die, which took most of the plaudits and applause from the label. Nevertheless, Craig has been nominated for the Grammys for his most hit and popular single, Flava in Ya Ear. Furthermore, the song bagged the Single of the Year at the 1995 Source Awards.

Unfortunately, Craig died on 12th March 2018, aged 46, due to heart failure near his home at a hospital in Walterboro, South Carolina. Currently, he is survived by his two children and wife. However, they have not been so close with the media after Mack’s death. So, where are they now? Hence, in this article, we will be talking about late Craig Mack’s wife Roxanne, and his two kids. Let’s find out if his kids are into music too?

He Was A Religious Family Guy

Craig Mack’s wife Roxanne and he was married for a long time. The couple gave birth to one daughter, Amanda Mack, and a son Asah Mack during their marriage. After 2012, Craig was not so active in the music industry. Instead, he devoted himself to Christianity and Church. Substantially, he referred to his rap career as wickedness, and being religious was righteous.

In fact, Craig was the only missing artist during the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. He decided not to go on the trip due to his religious beliefs. Further, he didn’t want to leave his family behind and enjoy himself. This decision itself shows how much Mack loved his family and cared about them.

Where Is His Family?

As mentioned above after Craig Mack’s death, his family completely disappeared off the radar. Therefore, their present situation is not talked about so often. However, there are some details and information regarding his family and their current situation.

Craig Mack's wife Roxanne
Craig Mack was married to Roxanne and had a son, Asah, and a daughter, Amanda. Image Source: Asah’s Instagram.

Craig Mack’s wife Roxanne seems to be living a single mother’s life. She is currently in New York.

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Mack’s Son Is Following In His Footsteps

Asah Mack, the youngest kid of Craig Mack and his wife Roxanne, is trying to make a name in the music industry. He was born in Burlington, Vermont. Currently, he is pursuing his music career living in Chicago, Illinois.


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In addition to that, Asah constantly releases his own music on Spotify and SoundCloud. The young artist idolizes his father as the greatest influence in his life. In a podcast for On The LineAsah’s sister, Amanda, said that her brother is sick at making beats and spitting bars on the mic. Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed him down, but his dreams and hopes are higher than ever.

Craig Mack’s Daughter Likes Gaming and Streaming

Amanda S Mack, the eldest kid of Craig Mack, was born in Brentwood, New York. She completed her schooling at Brentwood High School. However, it seems Amanda is not into music like her father or brother. Instead, she is more into gaming.

Looking at Amanda’s Instagram profile, she has attached a link to her Twitch account. It looks like she enjoys playing different games and streaming on Twitch. Besides her own hobbies, Amanda publicly supports her brother in his music endeavors.

Name Meaning Of Craig Mack’s Kids

Amanda is a Latin word that means “loveable” or “worthy of love.”

Asah is derived from the Arabic language. It means more correct, more proper, or healthier.

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