Bowen Yang’s Sexuality – Has He Got A Boyfriend Or A Girlfriend?

Bowen Yang's sexualityBowen Yang is the third openly gay cast member of SNL. Image Source: Bowen Yang Instagram.

Bowen Yang is an Australian-born American comedian, actor, and writer. The New York-based podcaster hosts a comedy pop-culture podcast, Las Culturistas, along with Matt Rogers. Likewise, he has gained immense fame for being a Saturday Night Live (SNL) member. Again, he has also amassed considerably in her career.

Bowen’s rise in prominence has resulted in many curiosities about his personal life. People are curious to learn about his sexual orientation as well. Hence, in this article, we will be learning about Bowen Yang’s partner and his coming out experience. So, stick with us till the end.

His Parents Learned About His Sexuality Through A Message

For many LGBTQIA+ community people, coming out to their close ones, especially their parents, is a life-changing process. It takes a lot of courage and emotion to say these things. But for the Australian-born comedian, his coming out process was quite different.

The first Chinese American to join SNL, Bowen Yang’s parents learned about his sexuality, or let’s say they knew he was gay, when they found his AOL Instant Messenger conversation. The then 17-year-old Yang had lewd conversations with someone, which revealed his sexual orientation. Following that, his dad and mom sat him down and yelled at him.

Bowen Yang's sexuality
Bowen Yang’s parents discovered his sexuality after going through his AOL instant messenger conversation. Image Source: Bowen Yang Instagram.

Furthermore, the comedian revealed that he had only seen his dad cry when his grandfather passed away. But, following that incident, his old man sobbed in front of him every day at dinner. Reminiscing on the incident, Bowen revealed that it was the worst one can do as an immigrants child. He didn’t want his parents to suffer that much over him.

An Unexpected Aftermath Of Coming Out

As mentioned earlier, the aftermath of the discovery of his sexuality was something that he never anticipated. Soon after the incident, Bowen Yang’s father and mother arranged eight sessions with a specialist in Colorado Springs. It later turned out to be gay conversion therapy.

At that time, Yang had thought about whether the experiment could work. But as the sessions proceeded, he realized it was insane. For instance, at the first session, the SNL member was asked if he would like the process to be Christ-centered or a secular sort of experience, which he preferred to be the latter. Furthermore, he added that he liked the first few talk therapy sessions.

Later, Bowen found the other sessions to be absurd. When asked why his dad and mom, both scientists, could not see the absurdity, he replied that for them it was a cultural thing and value around masculinity, keeping the family line going, and maintaining certain things holy and sacred. In addition, with the completion of the therapy, the young man was allowed to go to New York University, where his sister was also studying, so that she could chaperone him.

But, the irony was that Yang, in his own words, ended up at the gayest undergrad in the country. He did try straightness during his freshman year but failed miserably. It has been several years since his parents learned about his sexuality, and in his 2020 interview, he shared they were still doing a lot of work to understand everything. In addition, the comedian does not want to rush them and could not resent them for taking so much time.

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Came Out For The Second Time

As mentioned earlier, during his freshman year, Bowen tried straightness. He even tricked himself into having a girl crush, but he found it just weird. After the first coming out experience, he ended up in gay conversion therapy.

While in college, Bowen came out to his parents for the second time. He went through the whole flare-up again, and they still couldn’t accept it. This time, the Brisbane native took a firm stand for himself and explained to his mom and dad that he could not do anything about that. He also gave them options either to meet him there or don’t meet him at all.

While talking with The New York Times, the Australian-American actor revealed that the situation never got to the point where he had to threaten them of not coming home. Furthermore, in an interview with GQ in 2020, Yang confirmed having a stronger relationship with his father and mother. He even added that he no longer feels the need to compromise his sexuality.

Moreover, the Yang family is close-knit, often taking vacations together. Despite that, his dad now and then asks him when he would meet a girl. He replies to him calmly that it would not happen.

Third Openly Gay Male In SNL

Bowen’s popularity skyrocketed after joining SNL. In 2018, he was hired as a staff writer for the show’s 44th season. The following year, he was promoted to feature as a cast member alongside Chloe Fineman. He made history as its first-ever Chinese-American cast member and third openly gay member after John Milhiser and Terry Sweeney.

Moreover, in June 2021, Yang was included in the 2021 Variety Power of Pride list along with Elliot Page, Jojo Siwa, Lil Nas X, Jodie Foster, Demi Lovato, and many others. It is a matter of pride, and he must be happy for who he is.

Is Bowen Seeing Someone?

Although the SNL star has a job in the limelight, he keeps his love life private. While he has been open about his sexual orientation, he has revealed nothing about his relationship status. He is not married, and even if he is seeing someone, their name has not been made public yet. So, hopefully, we will get to learn about Bowen Yang’s partner and dating life in the coming days.

Although Bowen’s real relationship status remains a mystery, his fake onscreen romance with Ego Nwodim, his SNL costar, sometimes creates confusion among the fans. It all started in one of the episodes of the show in early 2021, which later got carried over to Yang and Nwodim’s respective social media handles.

Not only that, Bowen even proposed to his co-star on stage in February 2021. After the episode aired, the speculated couple shared a funny fake teary selfie on Instagram.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Bowen Yang (@fayedunaway)

All in all, the talented actor seems to be currently focusing on his career. So, could it be the handsome guy is single? Nevertheless, we hope to know more about Bowen Yang’s boyfriend and love life in the coming days. We wish Yang gains more success in the future.

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