Where Could Brian Baumgartner’s Ex-wife Julia Fisher Be Now?

Brian Baumgartner's Ex-wife Julia FisherBrian Baumgartner's Ex-wife Julia Fisher is living a very secluded life. Image Source: Brian's Instagram.

The Office gave life and light to so many grounded artists, including Brian Baumgartner. Kevin Malone, a subdued character known for blunt comments, became massively famous, rising Brians’s popularity. Besides The Office, he has appeared in Licence to Wed, Wilfred, and many more. Furthermore, Brian is making headlines as he makes $1 million from cameo bookings.

Well, besides commercial success, Brian is a blessed man with a beautiful wife, Celeste Ackelson, and a kid. However, he had to go through some rough phases to meet the love of his life, for example, previous failed marriage. Yes, our dearly beloved Kevin Malone married twice in reality. Therefore, we are here to discuss Brian Baumgartner’s ex-wife, Julia Fisher. Who could she be, and where is she possibly hiding? Wait until you find out.

Who Is Brian Baumgartner’s Ex-wife, Julia Fisher?

Many might confuse the Office actor Brian Baumgartner’s former spouse, Julia Fisher’s name, with his co-actress, Jenna Fischer. But hold your button, she is NOT! Julia, from Brian’s life, and Jenna from Kevin’s are two different people. However, both have beautifully touched Brian’s life.

Furthermore, Brian Baumgartner’s former partner, Julia, is as scarce as a Devils Hole Pupfish. Therefore, we couldn’t trace her whereabouts, and her social media presence is ZERO! It only makes Baumgartner’s fans wonder who this super secretive woman could be, but I guess she chose privacy over publicity and is raising their kid spectacularly.

Well, yes, Brian has a daughter with his former lover, Julia, who predictably is a mystery as well. Despite having very little to no information on Brian Baumgartner’s ex-wife, Julia Fisher, we hope that she is in good health and is living wonderfully, relishing love and kindness. Moreover, The Office actor Brian and Julia tied the knot several years ago in a private ceremony and has parted ways a zillion years ago without the public’s notice.

Brian Baumgartner's Ex-wife Julia Fisher
Brian Baumgartner and ex-wife Julia Fisher parted ways in privacy. Image Source: Brian’s Instagram.

Therefore, it might be amongst several reasons for Julia Fisher to remain a mystery. Hence, respecting the privacy, let’s hop onto something more interesting than someone missing, shall we?

Julia Fisher’s Ex-Husband Is A Married Man Again

Despite remaining away from the public’s eyes, Brian Baumgartner’s ex-wife, Julia Fisher, still raises concern. Furthermore, despite marrying one of the funniest people in the entertainment industry, Julia remains grounded and confidentially keeps up with her life.

In hindsight, Brian Baumgartner’s career is robust, and he is earning fortunes from his show. Thus, he is on the constant watch of his fans. Coming to the point, Julia Fisher’s ex-husband has moved on with Celeste Ackelson.

Brian and Celeste Ackelson’s marriage on 26 April 2014 also became ‘The Office’ reunion as his former co-stars, Jenna Fischer, Oscar Nunez, and Angela Kinsey, shared his big moment. Moreover, the married couple dated a couple of years before deciding to walk down the aisle in 2014.

As of now, Brian and Celeste are parents to a beautiful daughter, Brylee Bea Baumgartner. Mrs. Celeste Baumgartner gave birth to her first baby girl in 2015, and Brian proudly announced his daughter’s arrival via Instagram.


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A post shared by Brian Baumgartner (@bbbaumgartner)

The heartwarming post somewhat seems unfair to his first kid with his ex-wife Julia, but it might all depend on their life choices and demands to remain a mystery. Well, whatever the reason is that’s keeping Brian Baumgartner’s ex-wife, Julia, away from social scrutiny, let’s hope she’s thriving with life. Hopefully, let’s also wish to know who Brain Baumgartner’s first child is.

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