6 Quick Facts About Brian Baumgartner’s Wife Celeste Ackelson Including Her Net Worth, Career, And Family

Brian Baumgartner's Wife Celeste AckelsonBrian Baumgartner's Wife Celeste Ackelson is very private person. Image Source: Brian's Instagram/Bleu Cotton Photography's Facebook.

Brian Baumgartner is an American actor known for his role in the NBC sitcom, The Office. He has further appeared in several other shows, including Jake in Progress, Arrested Development, etc.

Besides being an accomplished actor, Brian is also a golfer and hosted executive who produced An Oral History of The Office, a podcast with his The Office co-stars. Moreover, Brian is blissfully married to his wife Celeste Ackelson since 2014.

Furthermore, since we know much about Brian and his accomplishments, his partner stays away from the spotlight. But hold tight because we are here to help you learn about Brian Baumgartner’s wife, Celeste Ackelson.

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Celeste Ackelson Graduated From Florida International University

Aforementioned, Celeste Ackelson rose to fame as she married her famous partner, Brain Baumgartner. Hence, she wasn’t famous before her marriage. However, the supportive Baumgartner’s partner is renowned in her rights.

Although Celeste remains dormant in social media, she stated that she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications from Florida International University. Furthermore, Brian Baumgartner’s wife, Celeste Ackelson, revealed that she demonstrated naturally artistic instincts and learned to channel her creativity to school projects. Moreover, she further incorporated her creativity into fashion.

Celeste’s fashion choices during red carpets and other events are praised. Besides having a small detail regarding her creative mind and bachelor’s degree, Celeste lives a secluded life away from media scrutiny.

A Private Person

Aforementioned, Brian Baumgartner’s wife, Celeste Ackelson, lives away from the media scrutiny except for a few interviews. Contextually, a person’s life is mainly predictable via their social media presence. Regrettably, Mrs. Celeste Ackelson Baumgartner’s Instagram is private, and her Facebook/Twitter activity is zero.

Therefore, Celeste’s life is a huge mystery for Baumgartner’s fans. However, despite having a private Instagram account, she has accumulated 200 followers and 700+ posts. On the other hand, Brian Baumgartner’s spouse confirmed her privacy since she makes no appearance on his Instagram.

Well, fame is a notorious mistress; pleasure and anxiety mixed. Therefore, Celeste’s concern regarding her privacy is rightfully justifiable and respectable. Hence, let’s move on to Celeste Ackelson’s marital life with The Office star Brian Baumgartner.

Brian’s Humor Impressed Celeste Ackelson

As a man’s way to their heart is their stomach, a woman’s heart is conquered with good HUMOR and FOOD. Therefore, there is barely a person spared by Brian Baumgartner’s humor, who, for the record, is supposed to have made over $1 million on Cameo.

Besides having massive commercial success, Brian managed to win the love of his life, Celeste Ackelson’s heart via humor. According to Celeste, her beloved partner can make her laugh even in the most serious situation. Kudos to Brian. Well, the couple dated a couple of years before sharing their vows on 26 April 2016.

Brian Baumgartner's Wife Celeste Ackelson
Brian Baumgartner and his wife Celeste Ackelson walked down the aisle in 2014. Image Source: Brian’s Instagram/First In First Dressed’s Facebook.

The intimate ceremony was held in the backyard of their California house in the presence of Baumgartner’s former co-stars, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, and Oscar Nunez. Moreover, Ackelson looked beautiful in a strapless ivory mermaid gown while her dashing beau Baumgartner wore a light grey suit.

To Baumgartner’s fans’ astonishment, Brian Baumgartner’s wife, Celeste Baumgartner, is his second wife and was previously married to Julia Fisher.

Brian Baumgartner’s Second Wife

As aforementioned, Brian Baumgartner was previously married to his ex-wife, Julia Fisher. Well, Julia is a scarce human being, more secretive than his current wife, Celeste. Furthermore, their marriage was intensely private, and so was their divorce.

Although we do not know about Baumgartner’s ex-wife, Julia Fisher, and her whereabouts, the former couple has a child together. Well, not every relationship has a happy ending. Some come to a terrible end, while some are amicable. Therefore, Julia and Brian parted ways only to discover the love of their respective lives.

Hence, Brian and Celeste’s beautiful relationship began. Although Celeste is Brian Baumgartner’s second wife, the pair shares a beautiful marriage and a kid.

Welcomed A Daughter After 11 Months Into Marriage

As stated earlier, Brian Baumgartner’s wife, Celeste Ackelson, is a child’s proud mother. Furthermore, Celeste welcomed their only kid, a daughter, Brylee Bea Baumgartner, after eleven months of marriage.

The proud parents, Celeste and Brian, must have announced Brylee’s arrival via social media. Celeste Ackelson’s husband, Brian, uploaded a sweet Instagram post with a heartwarming photo for more clearer prospect. He wrote about the arrival of his healthy and happy daughter, who looks forward to catching up on all the episodes of The Office. Well, Celeste and Brian Baumgartner’s daughter, Brylee, will surely be a fan of her father someday.


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A post shared by Brian Baumgartner (@bbbaumgartner)

Furthermore, the Baumgartner family is pretty close to one another, and their child, Brylee, is already showing interest in her father’s footsteps.

Celeste Baumgartner’s Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Brian Baumgartner’s partner, Celeste is a very private person. Therefore we do not have much on her professional details. Consequently, Celeste Ackelson Baumgartner’s net worth is also a mystery. Despite keeping her earnings under shadow we can imagine her living a lavish life with her husband, Brian, and daughter, Brylee.

Furthermore, Celeste Ackelson’s husband, Brian Baumgartner’s net worth is a whopping $6 million. He managed to earn multi-million via his hard work and dedication. Thus, Celeste certainly shares her net worth with her husband which justifies her lavish lifestyle.

Although the Baumgartner couple does not flaunt their relationship dynamics or boast their expenses, the multi-million bank balance surely allows them to live a luxurious life.

Moreover, the year Celeste and Brian got married, he listed his boxy contemporary home in the Franklin Hills area for rent at $5,250 a month. Well, another source of income except for Brian’s acting career. As of now, Brian and Celeste are living a comfortable life in LA, California raising their kid.

Moreover, Brian Baumgartner’s spouse, Celeste, has maintained sheer privacy and has held life without raising the public’s eyes. Therefore, hoping to see more of her in the coming days and let’s respectfully appreciate her choices to remain private and dormant on social media.

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