After An Unfortunate Crash Of A Vogue Covered Wedding Are Caroline Polachek And Ian Drennan On Talking Terms?

Caroline Polachek's ex-husband Ian DrennanCaroline Polachek and Ian Drennan were married for two years. Image Source: Caroline Polachek Instagram.

We never know what life has got for us. Throughout our journey, we meet some people whom we think might be “the one.” However, the next thing we know, it’s not what we wanted. Marriage, a holy matrimony, requires a lot of compromise, love, and respect, and sometimes things do not work out the way we want.

The same happened in the case of an American singer, Caroline Polachek. She had a lovely wedding with her former husband, Ian Drennan. However, life had some other plans. So, in today’s article, let’s know what went wrong in Caroline and Ian’s marital life. Keep reading!

The Start Of Ian And Caroline’s Matrimony

The American musician met Ian at the very end of writing her solo project, the Ramona Lisa record. He got a few songs at the end of the record, Izzit True What They Tell Me. In addition, having met Ian inspired her to write the songs.

Furthermore, as per some sites, meeting Ian towards the end of making Arcadia also significantly shaped Ramona Lisa. The duo constantly exchanged information about ASMR and field recording, which made her more conscious of how the said techniques can bring sensuality and nature together.

Maybe it might be the shared love for music; the couple was drawn toward one another. Shortly after their first encounter, the lovebirds began going out, and their love grew more robust.

A Dreamy Wedding

Getting married to the love of your life sounds dreamy, and everyone wants their relationship to end up with happily ever after. Just like that, Drennan and Polachek decided on forever on a Vogue-covered wedding. The wedding itself must have become the talk of the town.

Caoline Polachek's ex-husband Ian Drennan
Vogue covered the wedding of Ian Drennan and Caroline Polachek. Image Source: WWAKE Facebook.

Their wedding took place at Snug Harbor, a collection of 19th-century architecturally important buildings in an 83-acre cultural center and botanical garden in Staten Island, New York. The reason behind choosing the Chinese Scholar’s Garden was its atmosphere and their love for Chinese film and architecture. In addition, Caroline Polachek’s dad was also a  Chinese scholar.

Furthermore, the duo used ivory and indigo throughout, along with touches of orange. They also used the two persimmons that Drennan bought in a paper bag when they had dinner for the first time. As the pair loved the tales of King Arthur as kids, they were inspired to use themes like a “60’s cake knife with a swordlike shape,” rice paper, stone, wood, and antique metal.

The bride wore a J. Mendel-designed dress, and Kat Typaldos was her stylist. For her reception, she wore Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier at Creatures of the Wind custom-designed silk trousers and bustier. Grace Kim designed her veil. Finally, the coupe exchanged their wedding vows in the Tea Room, opening onto the Chinese garden.

Their friends stood behind them while the family was seated in the front. In addition, they met their parents and siblings at the back entrance to the garden. Her opera teacher, Pam Kuhn, married them, and the couple wrote seven vows. While reading each one, Kuhn rang a bell that was gifted to Ian by her. The wedding ceremony was about 12 minutes long.

It was a lovely ceremony, and the duo must have been thrilled about the new beginnings.

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An Unprecedented End To The Polachek-Drennan’s Marital Life

After getting married in 2015, the couple worked on several projects together. Unfortunately, in 2017, the duo parted ways. However, the reason behind their separation remains a mystery. Furthermore, Ian Dreannan’s ex-wife has told her story of their divorce through Insomnia, one of the singles of her album Pang.

The said album starts at the height of a relationship, and later some of the lyrics suggest the danger in love’s vulnerability. She has expressed simultaneous relief and grief from her failed relationship. Despite the failed marriage, it remains a mystery if the former pair are still on talking terms.

Following their divorce, Ian Drennan’s former spouse has moved on. She is reportedly dating a visual artist, Matt Copson, and has collaborated with him on several projects. On the other hand, Caroline Polachek’s ex-husband has remained mum regarding his love life. Nonetheless, we hope to know more about him in the coming days.

All in all, we hope Caroline and Ian are doing the best in their respective lives. Our best wishes are with them.

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