Celebrity Endorsement: Can It Affect the Education Popularisation?

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Celebrity endorsements affect consumer perception of a product. Celebrities have a higher reputation by the public. Due to this, consumers are likely to develop higher trust in any product they endorse. Companies use celebrities to build a better brand reputation or make more sales.

For many years, consumers have seen celebrities endorse companies. However, few or none of them have been seen endorsing an institution of learning. Some have been seen endorsing education apps lately. It makes sense to ask whether celebs can influence the course or education institutions students choose to join.

Engaging celebrities in local education Institutions

The local education institutions serve students from a small geographical location. It can be a district, municipality, or commune. Such schools may have populations of less than 1,000 students. They mainly rely on referrals from current or former parents/students.

Celebrity endorsement may pose a bigger impact on the school enrollment rate. However, the overall cost incurred may not sound reasonable to the school administration. Local schools may prefer other ways of advertisement other than celebrities. But celebrity who had studied there could happily endorse their local educational institute for less or no price.

Celebrity Tips for Students

Passion, Sheer hard work, dedication, persistence, ignoring outside judgments, and believing in yourself are what celebrities always share in common to be successful. It’s the same in terms of education. But not everyone may have the same passion for all subjects or proper understanding of every area. While in higher education, many face different study challenges. Luckily, help for the student is available online. One of the help is the MLA 9th edition citation generator by EduBirdie online writing service. The site offers professional writing help and plenty of educational tools to make the learning process simpler and more interesting.

National and International schools

Larger education institutions are no longer limited to specific locations. They can enroll students from all over the world. They offer both online and traditional classroom courses. They face competition just like in the corporate world. The institutions of learning offer diverse courses to students.


If no students register for the courses, the teachers hired to teach them may lack a job to do. Institutions at the national and international levels require advertising. One of the ways to advertise is through celebrity endorsements.

Student decisions based on celebrity endorsements

The local or district schools depend on endorsements from students and parents. Neighbors, relatives, and friends trust the parent or student endorsing the institution. They do so because they know them. They believe they cannot mislead them. Celebrities have the same psychological effects on students.

If they see a celebrity endorsing a certain course or school, they will believe it’s good. Their belief will be based on the reputation they have for the celebrity. If they trust them, they will trust the institution too. They will believe the course they are endorsing is good. The school will likely register more applications.

The endorsing celebrity matters

It matters the celebrity who is endorsing the institution. For example, a celebrity may endorse an institution which they graduated from. They can attract more students to the institution. Another celebrity could have a reputation for intelligence. If they endorse an institution or course, they can be believed more. A celebrity from the fashion industry would have a better effect on endorsing a fashion school.

Endorsement of education apps

Education apps are revolutionizing education in the entire world. Some of the e-learning apps contain entire online courses. Student choice for the apps mostly relies on the teacher or student recommendations. Due to competition, e-learning app manufacturers are using celebrities to endorse them. Due to this, some e-learning apps are recording millions of accesses daily. Students believe that celebrities cannot endorse a poor-quality app.

Influencing student decision-making process

Celebrities significantly affect the student decision-making process. More often, a student may not be certain about the course they want to study. They may not be sure about the college to join.

They can choose a course or school due to celebrity influence. Celebrities can make a certain course or school popular. This is due to the psychological effect of celebrity endorsements. Normally, celebrity endorsements have a bigger impact on student decisions. Their endorsements are more appealing to them. More students are deciding to choose certain colleges or courses due to celebrity influence.


Celebrity endorsements have been affecting consumer decisions in the business sector. Stakeholders in the education sector have discovered this secret. They are now using celebrities to endorse institutions, courses, and e-learning apps. Several factors affect the effectiveness of a celebrity during endorsements. Their reputation among high school or college students matters. A celebrity popular with student shows and programs can have a better effect. Celebrities have an impact on the courses or schools a student chooses.


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