Meet Chloe Reinhart and Tess Reinhart – Actress Lili Reinhart’s Beautiful Sibling Sisters

Lili Reinhart's sister Tess Reinhart

The stunning Riverdale actress, Lili Reinhart, is the sister of beautiful siblings- Chloe Reinhart and Tess Reinhart. The three sisters have an amazing and strong bond, and the sisters are inseparable.

Lili’s sister and the eldest daughter of the Reinhart family, Cloe was born on December 8, 1993. Likewise, the youngest sibling and daughter of the family, Tess Reinhart, was born on March 28, 2003, in Cleaveland like her elder sisters.

Elder Sister Chloe Reinhart

The big sister of talented television actress, Chloe is a famous social media star. The famous celebrity sister, Chloe, gained her fame as the sister of Riverdale actress and has over sixty thousand followers on Instagram. Chloe is inspired by her younger sister Lili Reinhart’s passion, drive and commitment to carry on doing what she loves the most.


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In a September post on Instagram, big sister, Chloe Reinhart, regrets not being able to see one another often and not having enough pictures together. The stunning sisters live away from one another, and their busy lives do not let them see each other for more than once a year.  However, despite the distance between the siblings, the beautiful sisters have a strong and intimate relationship. Furthermore, the elder sister, Chloe believes that the distance is the true test of a strong sisterhood to remain close even when so far apart.

Lili Reinhart’s Little Sister is Her Look-Alike

The little sister Tess Reinhart is sure to make anyone take a second look at her or confuse her for her famous celebrity sister, Lili Reinhart. Despite the uncanny resemblance, Tess is not Lili’s twin. However, genetics has really played a great deal on the Reinhart siblings, and the audience finds it complicated to tell the sisters apart. Furthermore, the siblings find their resemblance and people’s confusion amusing and love it when people mention about it.

Lili Reinhart with her sister, Tess Reinhart
The famous actress, Lili Reinhart, is the sisters of the beautiful siblings- Chloe Reinhart and Tess Reinhart. Image source: Lili Reinhart/Instagram.

The stunning Betty from the famous television series Riverdale, Lili was in the limelight after Cole Sprouse trolled the Internet. The co-actor Sprouse, who plays Jughead on Riverdale, posted a mysterious picture on Instagram with a Lili Reinhart look-alike. However, the picture was not Lili’s but actually Sprouse’s fan, Anna-Laura.

Lili’s youngest sister is the bundle of joy in the family and has a jolly personality. The famous Riverdale star often posts hilarious mischiefs done by her sister in Instagram.

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