Corey Taylor’s New Girlfriend Alicia Dove after Divorcing Stephanie Luby is Hot

Corey Taylor's girlfriend Alicia Dove

After divorcing ex-wife Stephanie Luby, Corey Taylor is now dating his new girlfriend Alicia Dove who is super hot. It’s not even a year since the hook up of Corey Taylor and his new girlfriend and the two are cradled in love.

Metal Giant Corey Taylor has earned a notable place in the Metal Scene with the release of five Slipknot Albums with the first two being platinum and other hits from Stone Sour. Speaking of his relationship life it’s been over a year since Corey parted ways with his ex-wife Stephanie Luby. The ex-couple got married in 2009.

Corey had a wife named Scarlett Stone; their marriage lasted from 2004-2007.

Corey Taylor and Alicia Dove

After Corey divorced from his ex-wife, he found her replacement rather quickly, and that was/is Alicia Dove. A lovely couple of Corey Taylor and his new girlfriend Alicia Dove is undoubtedly a blessing to them and attraction to many of their fans. Corey and Alicia go on beautiful vacations and post adorable pictures in Social Media.

Corey Taylor's girlfriend Alicia Dove
Corey Taylor and his hot girlfriend, Alicia Dove. Image Source: Alicia Dove’s Instagram.

After their vacation in Bora Bora, the lead vocalist of Slipknot Corey admitted that it was one of the best breaks he had in years. We mean it surely would be if everyone’s girlfriend would be as hot as the glamorous Alicia Dove.

The gorgeous Alicia Dove mentions Corey Taylor as her king and the feeling is mutual as Corey calls her his queen. If you are to check out the Instagram profile of both parties, then you will see how much the lovely pair is into one another.

Cherry Bomb’s Alicia Dove

The stunning Alicia Dove is a phenomenal dancer. She is the member of the all-girl dance group Cherry Bombs. The group was created in 2013. Before, Alicia worked as a cheerleader in the NFL, but she left the pompoms for good and became a metal dancer.

Corey Taylor's hot girlfriend Alicia Dove
The girlfriend of Corey Taylor, Alicia Dove. Image Source: Cherry Bombs’ Facebook.

Maybe it was during one of the shows where Alicia was performing, Corey couldn’t get his eyes off her. It’s just a hunch though. Alicia also has a good relationship with Corey Taylor’s son, Griffin Parker Taylor.

Corey Taylor’s girlfriend Alicia is a beautiful redhead and a perfect companion to someone metal like Taylor. The gorgeous dancer has got some fantastic tattoos inked in her body with Cryptic meanings and scripts. Take an in-depth look at Alicia Dove’s tattoos and its meanings.

Corey Taylor's girlfriend Alicia Dove
Corey Taylor’s girlfriend Alicia Dove is a professional dancer and fire artist. Image Source: Alicia Dove’s Instagram.

Looking at the bond between Corey Taylor and Alicia Dove, it won’t be a big surprise for many to hear the news of their marriage shortly. For the time being the lovebirds are insanely in love with one another.

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