Who Is Craig Steven Wright’s Wife Ramona Watts? More About The Pair, Any Children Together?

Craig Wright wife Ramona WattsCraig Wright's wife, Ramona Watts prefers to stay away from the limelight. Image Source: Craig Wright Facebook.

Despite its controversial nature, digital cryptocurrency is taking over the world these days. There are multiple cryptocurrencies, ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Tether, and millions of people have invested in them.

Anyone even slightly familiar with bitcoin might have come across Satoshi Nakamoto‘s name. And, if they have, the question of “Who is the true Satoshi Nakamoto?” is sure to have crossed their minds. While the mystery remains unsolved, Australian computer scientist and businessman Craig Steven Wright has publicly claimed to be its creator.

This claim alone was enough for wreaking havoc in the crypto world, even prompting some people to refer to the businessman as Faketoshi. Craig Wright has been a person of interest in the media since the claims first surfaced. There is no doubt that people are well aware of Wright’s professional life and legal battles.

Today, we’ll take a different approach and learn about the personal life of the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto. Thus, please stick with us until the end to learn more about Craig Steven Wright’s wife, Ramona Watts. Let us also see how their love life is going and if the couple has any children.

Craig Steven Wright’s Second Marriage

Craig Steven is well-known for his marriage to Ramona Ang. However, it appears that the couple has kept personal details about their lives private. As a result, it’s unclear how the couple met and when they decided to marry.

Craig Wright’s wife is also a secretive person who has not revealed anything about herself to the public. We must applaud her for successfully keeping herself hidden from the media. So much so that the general public has no idea what she looks like.

Craig Wright wife Ramona Watts
Craig Wright’s wife Ramona Watts is a person of secrecy. Image Source: Craig Wright LinkedIn.

However, this was not Craig Wright’s first marriage. Before Ramona, Steven was married to Lynn Wright. The former couple split in 2010, yet the reason behind their split has not been disclosed. According to the divorce settlement, Wright’s ex-wife did get half of W&K. So, it is safe to assume that she is living a comfortable life. 

Likewise, as there has been no news of Craig and Ramona’s marriage failing, we can assume that the couple lives a happy life.

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Craig Steven Wright’s Wife Is A Mother Of Two

According to sources, Craig and Ramona have been married for a long time and have welcomed two children, Dave Wright and Rachel Wright. However, Craig and his partner have kept their kids away from the spotlight. So, apart from their names, nothing has been revealed about them.

Their decision to raise their children away from the influence of the media is understandable, given that people continue to drag Steven’s name through the mud for his unsubstantiated claims of being the genius behind bitcoin.

Keeping their kids hidden might be their way of protecting them from harm’s way. Craig Wright’s wife might be taking good care of their kids and living a happy life.

Ramona Watts Sued Reliantco Investments Ltd.

Craig Wright’s wife was a Reliantco Investments Ltd customer who had found great success in trading. However, after turning a $200,000 investment into $700,000, Reliantco Investments Ltd. blocked her account without any explanation.

Reliantco gave various arguments to justify its decision to suspend and effectively seize hundreds of thousands of dollars from it. Firstly, Reliantco claimed they had done so because they suspected Ramona Watts’ husband, Craig, was acting on her behalf, which was against their terms of service.

Craig Wright wife Ramona Watts
Craig Wright’s wife, Ramona Watts’ UFX account, was banned without an explanation. Image Source: Social Media.

The company then claimed that Craig Steven Wright’s wife purposefully provided false information as part of the platforms’ KYC process. Finally, they claimed that because Ramona was married to the inventor of Bitcoin, her profits from the account were evidence of insider trading.

However, the court rejected all of the arguments and ruled Ramona as the true owner of the money in her UFX account. The court also entitled her to all the profits that she would have if the account had not been banned. Therefore, it is safe to say that Reliantco likely owes the celebrity wife a ton of dollars in damages.

So, let us hope that Wright’s partner will not face such difficulties in the future.

Director Of Wright International and Tulip Trading

Amidst the ongoing David Kleiman case, judge Bruce Reinhart called for Craig Wright’s wife to testify regarding the alleged theft of thousands of Bitcoins. On March 19, 2020, the court recorded Ramona Watts’ deposition but it remained sealed until June 27, 2020.

While her statements did not provide much clarification in the case, the celebrity wife did reveal that she is the director for two companies, Wright International and Tulip Trading. However, whether or not she still serves as the director in both the companies is not known because of her secret way of living.

Still, let us wish Ramona the best for her future and hope that she finds success in all of her pursuits.

Prefers A Private Lifestyle

Craig Wright’s wife came to the limelight when the court called on her to testify in the Wright Vs. Kleiman legal battle. Likewise, Ramona’s legal action with Reliantco Investments Ltd. is not unheard of. While Watts did testify in court, she has been absent from the media ever since.

Ramona Watts has no social media presence, indicating that she does not want the press interfering with her life. Consequently, like the mastermind behind bitcoin, her whereabouts remain a mystery.

Nonetheless, Craig Steven Wright’s wife and children must be living a comfortable lifestyle with all the wealth they have accumulated over the years. So, even if Ramona does not flaunt her lifestyle in public, we may assume that she is satisfied with her life.

Let us hope that we get to see her more often in the future.

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