Divorce Reason Between Jeffrey Nash And Kidada Jones

Kidada Jones's ex-husband Jeffrey NashKidada Jones and Jeffrey Nash were married for three years. Image Source: Instagram/kidadajonesog.

Kidada Jones is a well known American actress, model, and also a top fashion designer. She has a line known as Kidada for Disney Couture and works as a designer for The Walt Disney Company. Jones is the daughter of legendary music composer Quincy Jones and his third-wife actress Peggy Lipton.

Kidada has been in the public eye since a young age, not only through her father’s name but also for her relationships. She was dating legendary rapper Tupac Shakur before his tragic death and previously dated rapper and actor LL Cool J from 1992 to 1994. But in this article, we will be looking to the only person she married, Jeffrey Nash. Let’s dig into what between Kidada and Jeffrey led to their divorce.

Kidada Jones And Jeffrey Nash Were Married For Three Years

The now ex-couple, Kidada and Jeffrey married in 2003 after Kidada’s multiple failed relationships. Jeffrey is also an actor and brother of Forest Whitaker’s soon-to-be ex-wife Keisha Nash Whitaker. The couple was pretty secretive about their relationship, which led to a lack of information. In addition, when the couple was together there was not much internet around like today.

Kidada has remained far from the media attention about her personal life and she remains like that still to this day. The only information we have about her personal life have come from her own statements and interviews. The couple did not have a child even though they were married for three years.

The Couple Had Starred In A Movie Together

Kidada Jones and Jeffrey Nash have starred in a movie together called Proud which was released in 2004. The couple was married during the movie’s release. Although the pair was husband and wife, they played the role of brother and sister in the movie. Jeffrey has not been that active since his last appearance in the movie while Kidada took on a role as a designer at Walt Disney.

Kidada Jones's ex-husband Jeffrey Nash
Kidada and Jeffrey both starred in ‘Proud’ together. Image Source: Instagram/kidadajonesog.

Kidada is decently active on social media but her ex-husband Jeffrey remains off the platforms. The couple got into a relationship without that much information, so fans are eagerly waiting to know what went between them. Kidada is the daughter of one of the greats in the music industry which makes her even special in the public eyes

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Kidada And Jeffrey Silently Divorced

Regardless of both Jeffrey and Kidada having high celebrity connections, both of them silently came into the limelight and silently went away. Their three-year-long relationship ended without any noises. Both of them have not shared any kind of information regarding the reason for their divorce. As silently they came into action, their relationship ended in a similar fashion.


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Kidada is still working at the Walt Disney Company as a designer and has been doing pretty great on her job. As for Kidada Jones’ ex-husband Jeffrey, he remains pretty much distent from the media, so we have to wait for him to make an appearance. As there is not much known about their relationship, let’s hope we will have an update on what really caused their divorce.

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