Monique Winter Has Been Edgar Winter’s Wife Since 1979

Edgar Winter's wife Monique WinterEdgar Winter and Monique Winter have been married for more than 40 years. Image Source: Social Media.

Edgar Winter is an American musician who is known for being a multi-instrumentalist. He is a keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, and percussionist, as well as a singer. The 74-year-old musician has been actively making music for more than five decades and is still going pretty strong. Frankenstein and Free Ride are some of the best songs Winter made with his band The Edgar Winter Group in the 1970s.

Edgar’s musical abilities have definitely been top of the line, but what about his personal life? The musician-cum-singer has been married to Monique Winter for more than four decades, and the couple is showing no signs of bad news. They have wonderfully maintained a healthy relationship regardless of the industry being filled with broken relationships.

So, let’s have a look at Edgar Winter’s wife Monique and their love-filled life.

Married For More Than Four Decades

Edgar Winter has been married to his wife Monique Winter for more than four decades. As surprising as it may seem, they were not all head over heels for each other from the beginning like they are now. Edgar first got to know about Monique from his friends, but he was not that thrilled at the moment. After Monique rejected a couple of Edgar’s attempt to invite her to his party, he realized the two were probably judging each other based on their public appearances.

Edgar Winter's wife Monique Winter
Edgar Winter and his wife, Monique Winter, weren’t fond of each other at the beginning. Image Source: Social Media.

The now marital pair came from different worlds. Monique was into fashion and designing, while Edgar was a musician. Edgar tried his shot by asking Monique out for a date and was blown away by Monique’s blissful appearance when the two first met. Nevertheless, the flame ignited for them inside each other, which finally led to the long-lasting bond they share now. Edgar and Monique married in 1979, and they have been together for quite a long time. Let’s hope they stay like this for eternity.

Edgar Winter And Monique Winter Have No Children

Even though Edgar and Monique have been married since 1979, the couple does not have any children. Edgar believes having children would have been wonderful, but he thinks there are already enough people in the world.

Moreover, he thinks that having children might have been problematic since he was busy touring wanted to focus on his career. We don’t really know Edgar Winter’s wife, Monique’s take regarding children, but she must share similar thoughts as the couple rarely disagrees on important matters.

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The Couple Remarries Every Year

One of the top reasons behind this couple’s long-lasting marriage is that they remarry each other every year. On their anniversary, Edgar and his wife Monique share vow like they first did in 1979. Not only that, but they also celebrate their honeymoon every year. Edgar mentioned that remarrying helps remind them that love must be created and does not come automatically. It also helps renews the link between spiritual and physical love between the couple.

Edgar Winter's wife Monique winter
Edgar Winter and Monique Winter a love life like no one else. Image Source: Facebook/Edgar Winter.

They even shared a poem on Edgar’s Facebook handle about their love life on the occasion of their 39th anniversary. Fans were surely thrilled to read the poem. The Winter couple has been spicing up their relationship pretty much all their life, so they must be set for the long run. Let’s hope they stay as committed to each other for many more years to come.

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