5 Fast Facts About Emerging Model Chai Maximus

Chai Maximus 5 factsRead 5 fun facts about this emerging model, Chai Maximus. Image source: Instagram/chaikra .

Today, the fashion world has become influential and more dominant than ever. With its significant arising, it has become the fantasy of many young girls. It’s exhilarating at the beginning which is what lure young models into entering the industry.

Every day, the fashion industry has the doors open for hundreds of new models. Having said that, not all of them can make a name in the industry; there are only some best fits among the crowd, and one of them is Chai Maximus. It hasn’t been long since she entered the industry and has been blooming ever since. Chai has already worked with big names like Dior, Versace, Hermes, etc.

This model is not someone you meet every day; she is full of surprises. So read the whole article to know the 5 fast facts about emerging model Chai Maximus.

Chai’s Origin And Family

The 18-year-old model, Chai Maximus is from Belgium. She was born with the name Chaikra Shanti Maximus which has an Indian touch to it. And since Chai and her parents often visit India, we assume that she has some acquaintance with the Indian Origin as well.

Chai has a family of four which consists of her father, mother, brother, and Chai herself. Her father Peter Maximus loves to travel and seems like a fun man. He is extremely proud of his daughter and her work. Peter has shared a lot of Chai’s runway photos. Her brother, Xaino Maximus is a triathlete. And her mother, Jagienka De Vries, is a travel partner of Peter, and not much is known about her.

Emerging Model Chai Is Free Willed

This young model, who got her big break in 2018 is free-willed and outspoken. Through her Instagram profile, we get a glimpse of her care-free side.

Chai Maximus
The multiple piercings are the signature fashion statement of Chai Maximus. Image source: Instagram/chaikra.

One example is that she has multiple piercing and ear gauge on her face. This is not quite a conventional fashion statement but she has become successful in making it her signature statement.

Model Chai Maximus is a big hodophile. Within a couple of years, she has already traveled to many places, for instance: Italy, France, New York, London, China, etc. As a model, she has to travel a lot for her professional work, but she also likes going on vacations with her close friends and family.

Chai seems to be very carefree but when it comes to her career and work, she is more serious and dedicated than anybody else.

Chai Is A Smoker

Like it’s, ‘Everything looks good on the outside.’, although our apparent view of the fashion world is glamorous and fun, the reality is that it’s very demanding and tough. Not all models can adapt to the way the industry works. Chai is the one hardworking and a potential top model, who is striving to make a name for herself.

Maybe this is what got Chai into smoking. Chai is a heavy smoker, and we wouldn’t be wrong to call her a stoner. We can see many photographs of her smoking pots and cigarettes on Instagram. Though she has strict rules for herself- she doesn’t do it while at work- this addiction might get her into trouble someday. Let’s hope that this substance with the taste of freedom, happiness, and smoker doesn’t make her taste failure.

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Chai Is A Cat Lover

One of the top 5 fast facts about emerging model Chai Maximus is that she is obsessed with cats.

She is a big-time cat lover who likes to spend her time playing with her cats. This cat lover already own more than three cats and won’t hesitate to adopt a new one if need be.

Model Chai Maximus Loves Playing The Piano

If we go through the stories in her Instagram profile, it’ll take us no time to discover her love for playing the piano.

It’s quite strange that this elegant yet offbeat model loves to play such an instrument which is meant to be performed softly.

These were the fun facts about the model, Chai Maximus, who has set her heart into becoming a supermodel. As a milestone to that dream, she has been featured in Meet The Top 14 Models Of Fall 2019 by Vogue.

We wish her the best of luck and hope to see her in new heights every day.

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