George Karl’s Ex-wife Cathy Cramer, Has Got 2 Children With Her

George Karl's Ex-wife Cathy CramerGeorge Karl's Ex-wife Cathy Cramer loves bikes and clouds. Image Source: Cathy's Facebook.

George Matthew Karl is a former professional basketball coach and player selected in the fourth round of the Knicks’ 1973 NBA draft. Moreover, Karl is one of 9 coaches in NBA history to have won 1000 NBA games.

George Karl’s career’s glorious history is widely known as he is regarded as one of the greatest NBA history coaches. Despite enjoying a victorious career, George had to go through a rough marriage/divorce with Cathy Cramer. The pair were married for two decades and divorced after welcoming two talented kids.

Therefore, let’s find more about George Karl’s ex-wife Cathy Cramer, and her whereabouts.

A Bike Enthusiast

Well, George Karl‘s former spouse Cathy Cramer, turned out to be a very private person. However, we did find out she is a great bike enthusiast and one heck of a traveler. The Idaho native uploaded several pictures of herself on Facebook alongside her lovely Harley.

Unfortunately, Cathy has kept her life confidential, and thus there is not much of her whereabouts on the Internet. But, she is living a bang-on life for sure. Moreover, the gorgeous mother of two, Cathy Cramer Karl, is radiant. Likewise, she would reply to every people on her comment box expressing her joy. Which, by the way, could be a hint of her funny side.

While traveling, George Karl’s former partner met several good hearts and similar minds. She further shared fragmental moments of them on Facebook. Moreover, Cathy seems to be an open learner as she was vocal about being new to Facebook back in 2013-14.

Talking about her family before and after George, Cathy prefers to keep them confidential and rarely shares their pictures in the public domain. However, upon more digging, she seems to have grown with her brother, Mike Cramer, a guitarist.

Cathy is living a secluded life from the media as her Facebook remains dormant since 2017. However, we do hope she’s healthy and has a great relationship with her former partner. So, let’s move on to their decades-long marriage.

Married For 21 Years

It is widely known how secretive George Karl could be. Therefore, George-Cathy’s marriage was also pretty confidential.

George and Cathy Karl shared their vows in 1977 amidst friends and family. Cathy was with George when he was trying to lift his career and supported him in difficult situations. Moreover, George Karl’s ex-wife Cathy Cramer was a bit sporty and grasped NBA’s work procedure pretty quickly. Furthermore, former Mrs. Karl knew her husband was married to basketball before her and never hesitated to assist him.

George Karl's Ex-wife Cathy Cramer
George Karl’s Ex-wife Cathy Cramer filed for divorce after 21 years of marriage. Image Source: Cathy Karl’s Facebook.

Furthermore, Cramer’s husband dethroned with several losses struggled to get his way back in the NBA, back in the 90s. Cathy remained as a pillar for him, but how long can a human hold on to another person or support them, eh?

The couple welcomed two kids, a son, and a daughter, throughout their 21 years of marriage. Unfortunately, not all fairy tales end in a ‘forever.’ Some like Cathy and George’s stop to make them explore the world and happiness.

Therefore, after two decades of marriage and two children, Karl’s ex-wife filed for divorce and parted ways in 1998. The divorce was pretty harsh for his 16 y/o son at the time.

Welcomed Two Talented Children

Aforementioned, the former Karl couple shared two children. They welcomed their son, Coby Karl, on June 8, 1983, in  Great Falls, Montana, United States. Their daughter, Kelci Karl‘s information, however, is buried deep.

Moreover, both Coby and Kelci are close to their parents, who used to take them to important games. Likewise, Kelci could have vivid memories of her father’s shoulder as he shouted at the referee. Similarly, Coby was more of a mama’s boy but loved both his parents.

Aforementioned, the Karl couple’s divorce was daunting for their kids. Well, it was always terrible for the kids as they had to move frequently. However, the horrendous experience followed as George Karl’s ex-wife Cathy Cramer filed for divorce, and Coby had to choose aside.

Coby chose his father as he never imagined life away from the NBA. But Cathy couldn’t let go of her beloved son and stayed in Milwaukee as she had custody until she lived in Milwaukee. Therefore, Cathy Karl and George Karl’s son began juggling his time between his parents.

On the other hand, George Karl’s daughter, Kelci Karl, lives a private life and remains silent. However, her Facebook profile reveals that she works as a capital budget coordinator in the Washington State house of representatives. She is married and has two babies with Jackie Karl-Robinson.

George Karl's Ex-wife Cathy Cramer
Cathy Cramer and George Karl’s daughter, Kelci welcomed two kids with her husband.

Well, George Karl moved on with Kimberly Van Deraa and welcomed a daughter, Kaci Karl, with her. Former Mrs. Karl maintains a good relationship with all of her kids and is living a secluded life. Therefore, we wish for good health and public appearance in the coming days.

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