Gus Malzahn’s Wife Kristi Malzahn Has Been By His Side For Decades Now

Gus Malzahn's Wife Kristi MalzahnGus Malzahn's Wife Kristi Malzahn dreamt of becoming a supportive wife and good mother. Image Source: Gus' Instagram.

Gus Malzahn is a reputed football coach currently serving as the head coach at Auburn University. Besides his accomplishments as a head coach, Gus is also in a blissful marital life with his wife, Kristi Malzahn

The Malzahn couple has been married since the late 80s and is still passionate about one another. Thus, here is everything about Gus Malzahn’s wife, Kristi Malzahn, and her whereabouts. Also, know the secret about their decade-long marriage.

Married Since 1988

Gus Malzahn’s wife, Kristi Malzahn has been supporting him since their college years. Originally from Fort Smith, Arkansas, Kristi was born in 1969 as Kristi Lynn Otwell.

Furthermore, Gus and Kristi first met during their college years. Their relationship details are unavailable, but they are still in love with one another and appreciate their presence.

Additionally, Gus often posts about his wife, claiming how happy he is to share his life with his beloved partner. Moreover, the Malzahn couple also enjoys having quality time together with their kids.

It is rather interesting how a couple’s marriage could last decades and on while some marriages/relationships break within years and sometimes months. However, the secret of the Malzahn couple seems to be the undeniable chemistry and strong support they have been providing one another throughout their relationship.

Thus, the pair started their own family of four which is now all grown up.

Welcomed Two Kids Together

As mentioned earlier, the Malzahn duo is a proud parent of two adult daughters they welcomed throughout their decades-long marriage.

Furthermore, Gus Malzahn’s wife, Kristi Malzahn gave birth to her two kids, Kylie Malzahn and Kenzie Malzahn as a young woman. Moreover, the daughter of Auburn University’s head coach went to the same college and graduated with a degree in psychology.

Malzahn’s youngest daughter, Kenzie, graduated from Auburn with a degree in psychology. Kristi further added pictures of her daughters’ graduation days on her Instagram, congratulating them for their success.


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Likewise, Gus and Kristi Malzahn’s daughters are already married. Their daughter, Kylie, got married to her long-time boyfriend in 2016 in Nashville.

Similarly, Kristi’s baby girl, Kenzie, also tied knots in March 2015. Moreover, Kristi and Gus were very excited for their daughters as they started their lives and families.

Likewise, Gus and Kristi became proud grandparents after their daughter brought their kids into the world. Also, Kristi’s Instagram is filled with her grandkids’ pictures, and you can notice the charm in her face.

Kristi and The Role of Being Team Mom

As mentioned earlier, Kristi and Gus first met while she was an 8th grader and he a junior at Fort Smith Christian Academy. Thus, they got married while Kristi was still in college and launched Gus’ coaching career together.

Kristi did not have big ‘lofty dreams’ and desired to be a good mother and wife. Hence, she succeeded in balancing both with perfection. Moreover, Kristi is very much indulged in football and her husband’s career. She further revealed that getting involved allowed her to have something to connect with Gus.

Similarly, while celebrating the 33rd wedding anniversary, both Kristi and Gus recalled the emotional whirlpool they went through over a couple of months. Moreover, Kristi saw her partner lose his job as head coach at Auburn but then he found himself as the new head coach of the Knights.

Being a coach’s wife is not easy, and Kristi knew all about that. While talking to Orlando Sentinel, she revealed that she’d learned a lot as she witnessed her husband’s career blossom from the early days.

Gus Malzahn's Wife Kristi Malzahn
Gus Malzahn’s Wife Kristi Malzahn is the lovable team mom. Image Source: Kristi’s Instagram.

Hence, Gus acknowledged that his wife deserved an award for being an excellent partner and supporter. Moreover, throughout Gus’ coaching career, Kristi found herself in the role of a team mom.

Therefore, Kristi’s husband agreed that she’s a big part of everything and present in most recruiting meetings.

Malzahn’s Wife, Kristi’s Odd Recording About Auburn Players Makes Sense of ASU Move

Considered one of the brightest offensive minds in Auburn, but Gus picked Arkansas State as his school of choice while he could have any jobs back in 2011.

Furthermore, a video of Malzahn’s wife, Kristi popped on the Internet which did not help her husband’s chances of earning a job at a top university. In the video, she trashed the Tigers running back who played a huge role in Auburn’s championship run.

Likewise, Kristi said that he has a little bit of an attitude and went on to talk about head coach Lou Holtz and the manner he talks. After the incident, Kristi received a lot of criticisms and she learned from the experience as well.

On December 13, 2020, Kristi’s husband, Gus was fired as head coach of Auburn at the conclusion of his 8th season. Yet, Kristi remained by his side, supported him, and had all the good words about him.

Hence, Gus Malzahn’s spouse, Kristi Malzahn, has evolved with him and is very supportive of his career. Alongside, she discovered a new perspective of parenting and served as the best team mom. Hence, we shall see more of her in the coming days, more radiant and vibrant.

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