What is James Heerdegen, Christina Ricci’s Husband Secret For Successful Marriage?

Christina Ricci and James HeerdegenChristina Ricci and James Heerdegen are motivating one another to grow professionally and personally. Image Source: Zimbio.

When a person treats you better and makes you understand what love is, no circumstance can pull you apart. There was a generation that valued specific aspects of relationships and is going strong, expanding families. Such an example of a beautiful couple is James Heerdegen and Christina Ricci.

The couple has been married since 2014 and is still together cherishing life with one another. Therefore, in this article, we are about to talk about Christina Ricci’s husband, James Heerdegen, and their relationship secrets.

Who Is Christina Ricci’s Husband, James Heerdegen?

Famous as Now and Then actress, Christina Ricci’s husband, James Heerdegen, also works in Hollywood. However, unlike his wife, James works behind the camera.  He works as a dolly grip, a member of the camera crew responsible for moving the camera dolly.

Christina Ricci’s partner has been involved in the Hollywood industry for more than a decade. He has contributed to various mainstream projects like Da Hip Hop Witch, Revolutionary Road, Captain Philips, Elementary, etc.

Furthermore, Heerdegen has also worked in Pan Am, Last Night, Sex and the City, Baby Mama, etc. He has been working hard and loving in the field and thus gifted with a beautiful wife while working.

How Did The Couple Meet?

Those who are destined to be together will find one another in any circumstances. As stated above, Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen met while working on ABC’s period flight crew show, Pan-Am in 2011. Although the show was canceled half-way, the couple managed to preserve their spark. They started dating in 2012 and are still together to this day.

Christina Ricci's husband James Heerdegen
Christina and James have been together since 2012 and have been passionately loving together ever since. Image Source: Getty Images.

After two years of dating, Christina Ricci’s then-boyfriend, James, proposed her. The couple was engaged for a whole year before tying the knots. In an interview with People, she confessed her joy of calling her boyfriend a fiance and was eager to call him her husband.

Christina Ricci Finally Walked Down The Aisle

Aforementioned, the Hollywood couple were engaged for a whole year before sharing their vows amidst friends and families. The intimate ceremony took place at Manhattan’s Harold Pratt House & Peterson Hall on 26 October 2013.

The War Flowers actress, Christina, wore a Givenchy haute couture wedding gown with appliqué of Chantilly lace embroidered with micro-pearls. Christina is enjoying her blissful married life with a camera technician husband even after many years of marriage. Maybe the secret of marriage and successful marriage is understanding and friendship. At least that’s what seems to be the key to James Heerdegen’s relationship.

Couple Welcomed A New Member

The beautiful couple welcomed their first child together in August 2014. Christina sparked the pregnancy rumors in late May when she was spotted out at LAX airport in LA with a baby-bump. She shortly confirmed the news via publicist.

The couple was thrilled and ready for the new phase of their life. Christina and James Heerdegen’s son, Freddie Heerdegenchanged their life completely. According to People, James Heerdegen’s wife, Ricci, claims that marriage and her son drastically changed her life for good. She continued that marriage showed her flaws while dealing with things. Christina further said that having a child forces you to grow at the light speed.


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In the 2016 interview, Christina also revealed that her son changed everything, and her choices matter more now. She further said that she now has to take things seriously and succeed for her son.

Let’s hope Heerdegen family cherishes their moments together and motivate one another to become a better version of themselves.

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