Jeff Van Gundy’s Wife Kim Van Gundy – Relationship, Children And More

Jeff Van Gundy's Wife Kim Van GundyJeff Van Gundy's Wife Kim Van Gundy is very secretive in nature. Image Source: SportsTalk 790's Facebook.

Jeff Van Gundy, born as Jeffrey William Van Gundy, is an American basketball coach. He serves as a commentator for ESPN and has previously served as the head coach of the New York Knicks and Rockets.

Besides enjoying a thriving career, Jeff is enjoying a blissful marital life with his wife, Kim Van Gundy. Although Jeff’s career records are all over the Internet, we rarely hear about Mrs. Kim Van Gundy. Therefore, here’s us attempting to shed light on Jeff Van Gundy’s wife, Kim Van Gundy. We will talk about their relationship, children and many more, hence, behold.

Private Person

Both Van Gundy brothers, Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Van Gundy’s wives, have the same name, Kim Van Gundy. So, let’s begin with this. It is a little piece of information stating that Mrs. Kim Van Gundy is an exceptionally private person.

Both Jeff and Kim lead a pretty private life as he and his partner are away from social media. Moreover, besides appearing at several events and games together, there are no traces of their whereabouts.

Regardless of Jeff Van Gundy’s popularity, Kim managed to stay grounded and away from the spotlight. Moreover, she has been exceptionally secretive about her personal life, including her dormant social media life.

However, we do know bits of her relationship details. Therefore, we shall tail the Van Gundy couple’s relationship tales.

High School Sweethearts

Aforementioned, the Van Gundy couple is incredibly private and keep their information to themselves. However, we do know that Jeff and Kim were together since they were in high school.

Jeff Van Gundy’s wife, Kim Van Gundy, had known him when he decided to ditch Yale University and transfer to Melon Junior College for basketball.

Jeff Van Gundy's Wife Kim Van Gundy
Jeff Van Gundy’s Wife Kim Van Gundy was enchanted by his beautiful eyes and smile. Image Source: SportsTalk 790’s Facebook.

According to the NY Times, Jeff Van Gundy’s spouse thought her boyfriend at the time, was nuts but understood his feelings for basketball. Let’s appreciate every NBA star’s wife, including Kim Van Gundy, here!

Enchanted by Jeff Van Gundy’s blue eyes and quick smile, Mrs. Kim Van Gundy reminisced about being a fan of her husband, Jeff, at Brockport. Since then, the couple has been married since 1990.

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Married Since 1990

Aforementioned, Jeff and Kim Van Gundy have known one another since their high school years. After years of courtship, Jeff married his long-time girlfriend in 1990.

Unfortunately, Jeff Van Gundy’s wife, Kim Van Gundy, is notoriously secretive and hence kept their marriage private. However, we know the veteran spouses are very passionate about one another even after decades of marriage.

Furthermore, the pair appears at several events together. Despite the secretive marriage, the couple shares two kids. Moreover, Kim and Jeff Van Gundy’s daughters, Mattie Van Gundy and Grayson Van Gundy, are highly successful and athletic.

Moreover, the Van Gundy family are pretty close to one another. Similarly, when asked about Jeff’s attitude at home in the late 90s, Jeff’s soulmate revealed that he leaves his professionalism outside their home. Also, Kim said that he loves his daughters and has never been a hard person to deal with around the houses.

Therefore, Kim Van Gundy, Jeff Van Gundy’s partner, is a passionate housewife, although she maintains a personal life. Let’s hope to see more of Kim’s whereabouts in the coming days.

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