Jim O’Heir’s Wife On Reel Life Is Christie Brinkley, But What About His Real Life?

Jim O'Heir WifeJim O'Heir's wife in the TV series Parks and Recreation is Christie Brinkley. Image Source: Facebook/ Jim O'Heir.

James O’Heir, famously known as Jim O’Heir, is one of the celebrated comedians and actors in the entertainment industry. He gained impressive public attention after portraying Jerry Gergich, whose real name is Gerald, in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. Moreover, Jim is also popular for his performance and guest appearances on TV shows, including Boston Legal, Star Trek: Voyager, Friends, and Parenthood.

In 2000, Jim O’Heir starred as Harvey Krudup in the Comedy Central Series Strip Mall. In that series, Jim O’Heir’s wife was Tammi Tyler, played by the American actress Julie Brown. Similarly, he is also a regular supporting cast member of Parks and Recreation, where Christie Brinkley portrays his wife’s role as Gayle Gergich. While he has been married several times on-screen, Jim O’Heir has kept his real-life marital life far from the public reach. So, please get to know the mysterious life of actor Jim O’Heir and his real-life wife.

Jim O’Heir’s Wife And Children In Reel Life

As mentioned above, the award-winning comedian Jim O’Heir’s on-screen wife is Christie Brinkley. She is the ex-wife of musician Billy Joel. She portrayed the character Gayle, wife of Jim’s character, Jerry, in the NBC sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation.’ On the show, Jerry and his attractive wife have a happy home life.

Moreover, Jim’s character also has three beautiful daughters, Millicent Gergich, Miriam Gergich, and Gladys Gergich, with his wife Gayle in the series Parks & Recreation. O’Heir often shares photos of his on-screen family members, including his Parks and Recs spouse and three kids, on his social media pages.

Who Is Jim O’Heir’s Wife In Real Life?

Actor Jim O’Heir, who often posts about his professional life on his social networking handles, is usually mute when it comes to his personal life. He never talks about his family life during media interviews and is yet to reveal any information about his love life. As Jim has maintained extreme privacy concerning his marital life, his followers speculate about his wife and kids.

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Jim O’Heir is currently fifty-eight years-old, which means it has been so long since he became eligible to get married. Many people speculate that Jim O’Heir might have wed someone secretly without letting the media notice about it. However, there are no clues available on the internet about the talented actor leading a married life off-screen.

Jim O'Heir wife and children
Christie Brinkley’s on-screen husband, Jim O’Heir, might be single at the moment. Image Source: Twitter/ Jim O’Heir.

Moreover, Jim O’Heir shares numerous pictures on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with different women. But, there aren’t any hints to make people speculate them as Jim O’Heir’s wife. So, for now, Jim O’Heir’s wife in real life is still a mystery.

We will definitely update you if we find any details about the mysterious love life of O’Heir.

Is Jim O’Heir Secretly Dating Aubrey Plaza?

While O’Heir’s fans are still wondering about his marital life, he was once rumored to be dating his Parks and Recreation co-star Aubrey Plaza. Jim and Aubrey were in the media attention after they were spotted sharing a passionate kiss during a section of Late Night With Seth Meyers in February 2015.

While promoting the series finale on Seth Meyers‘ talk show, all the cast members talked about their favorite moments and praised one another. When they ended the show with its song ‘Bye, Bye Li’l Sebastian’, Jim and Aubrey began kissing each other passionately.

Watch the co-stars sharing a passionate kiss in the after-party celebration video below.

While talking to the Huffpost TV later, O’Heir revealed that he and Plaza were good friends, and it was fine. He added that they exchanged kisses to bring smiles to the crying faces during Parks and Recreation’s series finale. It would have been awkward if the kiss was real since Aubrey Plaza was dating her long-term boyfriend, Jeff Baena.

Well, for now, Jim O’Heir’s love life is still a closed book. While many of his co-stars are happily married or in a loving relationship, he is yet to reveal information about his life. Currently, it seems like he is enjoying his singleton life with his loving dogs, Chase and Stella, in Illinois.

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