Married Since 2012, Find Out More About Joe Hahn’s Wife Heidi Woan

Joe Hahn's Wife Heidi WoanJoe Hahn and Heidi Woan have been married since 2012. Image Source: Heidi Woan Instagram.

Heidi Woan is best known as the wife of famous musician Joe Hahn. Apart from being a renowned musician, Joe is also a visual artist and director who is well-known for his work with the popular American rock band Linkin Park. As a result of her husband’s popularity, Heidi has also been a public figure for a long time now.

Lots of people are curious to learn about Joe and his family. Therefore, here we shall talk about Joe Hahn’s wife, Heidi Woan, and her whereabouts.

Married To Joe Hahn

Aforementioned, Heidi Woan is married to musician Joe Hahn, who has been in the spotlight for several years now. Before tying the knot with her, Linkin Park’s DJ was married to Karen Denedit from 2005 to 2009.

Heidi and Joe are very private about their family. The duo has never talked about their love life in the media; as a result, there are no reports of when they met and began their relationship.

However, according to an online source, Joe first met his future wife, Heidi, in Paris, a year after his divorce from Karen. The adorable couple dated for two years and exchanged the vows on October 21, 2012. They seem to be enjoying their marital life to the fullest.

Moreover, in their decade-long togetherness, Joe and his partner Heidi have welcomed a daughter together.

Joe Hahn’s Wife Is A Mother Of One

As mentioned earlier, Joe and Heidi have been married for eight years and are doting parents of one. The pair have a daughter, Lola Hahn, whom they welcomed in 2013.

However, as the couple prefers to keep their family life away from the media and the limelight, they have not revealed much about their daughter.

Nevertheless, the couple shares the drawings made by their little girl. Lola and Joe are very proud of their daughter. The duo has provided a great life for their kid. Moreover, like many parents, they also wish to see their child succeed in her life.


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Let’s hope that we get to know how Heidi Woan and Joe Hahn’s daughter is doing in the coming days.

Loves To Solve Rubik’s Cube

Going through her Instagram, we can see that Joe Hahn’s wife, Heidi, has uploaded several videos of herself solving Rubik’s cubes. In September 2020, she uploaded the first photo after solving the cubes. She then updated her friends about her personal Rubik’s record.

Joe Hahn's Wife Heidi Woan
Heidi Woan seems to be a talented Rubik’s Cube player. Image Source: Heidi Woan Instagram.

Moreover, Heidi’s personal best record was 1’25”. Therefore, she might even compete in the Rubik’s solving competitions. We hope that Joe Hahn’s spouse is continuing her passion.

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Loves Skiing

Just like solving Rubik’s cubes, Joe Hahn’s wife, Heidi Woan, also seems to be interested in different types of sports. She has shared several videos of her skiing at different places.

Furthermore, Heidi also seems to be into golfing. Who knows, she might be interested in competing in tournaments someday.

While it is unknown what her exact profession is, Heidi seems to be interested in different types of sports. Nevertheless, we hope that she succeeds in her career.

Heidi Woan’s Husband Is A Musician

As stated earlier, Heidi Woan’s spouse, Joe Hahn, is famous as a musician and DJ who worked for the popular band, Linkin Park. He started his career as a DJ in high school and studied illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

While at college, Joe met Mike Shinoda and joined his band Xero, which was renamed, Linkin Park. He has worked on several of Shinoda’s projects. In his musical career, Hahn has directed over 30 of Linkin Park’s music videos.

Besides the musical industry, the talented musician and director has provided special effects work on several projects like Frank Herbert’s Dune, The X-Files, The Seed, and many others. Because of his works, he has garnered several awards and accolades.

Joe Hahn's Wife Heidi Woan
Heidi Woan’s husband, Joe Hahn is a musician and has worked for the popular band, Linkin Park. Image Source: Joe Hahn Instagram

In 2002, Joe became the first Korean American to receive Grammy when Linkin Park won the Best Hard Rock Performance. Besides several awards and accolades, Heidi’s husband has also earned a huge fortune which might have helped them afford a comfortable lifestyle.

While Joe Hahn’s net worth is estimated to be $25 million, what his wife, Heidi, does professionally is unknown. Nonetheless, the duo might be enjoying their life in California, taking care of their daughter.

Let’s hope that we get to learn more about Joe Hahn’s partner, Heidi Woan, in the future.

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