What Does Jonny Greenwood’s Wife Sharona Katan Do?

Jonny Greenwood's wife Sharon Katan.Jonny Greenwood's wife, Sharona Katan is an Israeli visual artist. Image Source: Social Media.

Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood, shortly Jonny Greenwood is an English composer and musician. He is the lead guitarist of one of the most famous rock bands, Radiohead. Besides, he has also written several numbers of film scores for the movies, including Power of Dog (2021).

Apart from his significant career accomplishments, Jonny is a married man. His fame and name have brought his family members into the spotlight. Thus, let’s learn more about Jonny Greenwood’s wife, Sharona Katan.

Who Is Sharona Katan?

Sharona Katan is an Israeli visual artist who is also recognized for being the wife of a famous musician, Jonny Greenwood. However, she has managed to come into the media spotlight with her works.

Jonny Greenwood’s wife, Sharona has created the covers of Greenwood’s soundtracks, including, Bodysong, There Will Be Blood, The Master, and Phantom Thread. However, these works are all under Sharona’s professional name Shin Katan.

Additionally, to create visual art in the soundtrack There Will Be Blood, she used liquid photographic emulsion and oil paint with original anamorphic camera negatives from the film. Sharona Katan’s educational qualifications are still confidential. However, she must have earned a degree related to art.

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Married A Famous Band Member

Sharona Katan shares a blissful life with renowned guitarist Jonny Greenwood. She met her husband during Radiohead’s performance in Israel in 1993. Apparently, the band’s album Creep 1(1992) became an instant hit in Israel.

It must have been love at first sight for them to develop such a deep bond within a short period. Two years after their first encounter in Israel, the visual artist married Greenwood in 1995.

Jonny Greenwood's wife Sharona Katan.
Jonny Greenwood and his wife have been married almost for three decades now. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Furthermore, the pair is still in love and are still happily together. Considering their solid bond, it is safe to assume that their relationship will last forever.

Is A Mother Of Three

Sharona and Jonny have been together almost for three decades and are parents of three children. The couple is raising their children decently, keeping them away from the public eye.

Sharona and her husband welcomed their son Tamir Greenwood as their eldest child in 2002. Sharona’s husband was so delighted with the arrival of his first-born that he even dedicated his 2003 album Hail To The Thief to his eldest. Furthermore, the lovely couple welcomed their second child Omri Greenwood in 2005, followed by the youngest son Zohar Greenwood in 2008.

It is not disclosed if any of Jonny and Sharona Greenwood’s children are interested in music or art. Nonetheless, we wish all of Jonny’s babies good luck with their careers and hope to hear their success story soon.

Jonny Greenwood’s Wife Is A Person Of Privacy

While talking to an Israeli newspaper, Sharona stated that it would be her first and the last interview she would ever give. The artist seems to be very private regarding her personal life and keeps the information regarding her personal life confidential. For instance, her educational detail, family, and parents are still a mystery. Thus, we respect her choice.

Furthermore, the visual artist is not active on any social media platform. According to her, social media are too disturbing for her life, and she likes to stay away from them. Similarly, Sharona’s husband also lives a private life.

Nonetheless, Jonny Greenwood’s wife, Sharona Katan is doing great in her professional life. It seems she is doing great in her personal life too. It would be great to see more of her amazing works. We wish her more success and the happiest life ahead and her family.

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