LHHM Star Veronica Vega is Possibly Single. “Pay Me” Suggests Her Feelings For Boys

Veronica Vega's relationship status.

American rapper and reality star Veronica Vega has been active in the entertainment business for quite some time now. Having started her career as Pitbull’s exotic protege at the age of 15, she has gone on to release multiple hit songs over the years and made an appearance in the show, Love & Hip Hop: Miami (LHHM). But it seems that she hasn’t found much success in her personal life as she is still single.

Having been linked to multiple men over the years, there’s no official word on who Veronica is dating as of now. People speculated for a long time that Veronica’s boyfriend is the one and only Pitbull but it was revealed not to be true. Veronica has been very quiet about her relationship status which has led everybody to believe that she is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend yet.

The 27-year-old Veronica has made some controversial comments in recent times. She stated that she doesn’t care what people think of her as long as she’s getting attention. Her single “Pay Me” throws some shade at her opinion that boys are always in control of girls, which may not help get a boyfriend soon.

Veronica’s Relationship Status

Veronica’s relationship status has been a subject of discussion for quite a while now. People assumed for a long time that she was dating rapper Pitbull since he nurtured her in the entertainment business and the two collaborated for Veronica’s hit song “Wicked”. But it turned out to be false and the two are not dating.

The LHHM star doesn’t talk about her relationship to the media and likes to keep things to herself. There is literally no information on who Veronica’s boyfriend actually is. This has led to a lot of people believing that Veronica is actually single. She is rich and single. Her net worth is $500,000.


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Veronica’s Views on Boys

Veronica released a song titled “Pay Me” in 2015 which became a viral video and became popular for its statements on what men need to be. The song insinuates that if you are not rich, you’re worthless as a boy. It further states that men are only after girls for sexual pleasure rather than anything else.

This caused a lot of controversy over the fact that it tarnished the reputation of men. People speculated that what Veronica stated in this song might be her actual feelings towards men. It that is the case, it explains why she is possibly single.

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