Where Is Madeline Kahn’s Then husband John Hansbury Now? Got Married Two Months Before The Actress’ Death

Madeline Kahn's Then husband John HansburyMadeline Kahn's Then husband John Hansbury is an attorney and an active board member at OCRA. Image Source: Social Media.

Madeline Gail Kahn was an actress, comedian, and singer known for her comedic roles in films by Peter Bogdanovich and Mel Brooks, including What’s Up, Doc?, High Anxiety, Paper Moon, etc. The Academy Award nominee Kahn made her Broadway debut in Leonard Sillman’s New Faces of 1968, and went on to receive Daytime Emmy Award, and earned Tony Award nominations eventually.

Madeline Kahn was a delightful example of the finest comedians to sought after being plagued by the shortened life and career. Besides having a robust career in the entertainment industry, Madeline was massively loved by her partner, John Hansbury. The couple was married briefly before Kahn succumbed to ovarian cancer. Therefore, here we shall follow Madeline Kahn’s husband, John Hansbury, and his whereabouts in this article.

John Hansbury Is An Attorney In Private Practice

Aforementioned, Madeline Kahn was a lovely human being surrounded by loved ones. She was married to this wonderful man named John Walter Hansbury, who stayed by her side until the very end.

Madeline Kahn’s then-husband John Hansbury was born to late, Stephen J. Hansbury and Susan P. Hansbury. His parents lived in Rockport, Mass, and raised him. to become a lawyer. Therefore, he graduated from Oberlin and received a law degree from the Antioch School of Law in Washington.

Furthermore, John still works as an attorney in private practice in NYC. There aren’t many details of John’s career, but he’s been licensed for 43 years. Before graduating from Oberlin, he attended Mount Hermon School, where he might have been a good student.

Moreover, John is making an effort to make most of his time by not being on social media. Truth be told, one of the most significant inventions, such as technology and social media, has consumed so much of our energy. We forget to pay attention to important matters like spending time with loved ones. Hence, Madeline Kahn’s former spouse, John’s decision to keep away from social media seems legit.

Despite maintaining sheer secrecy, did you know Madeline and John had dated for at least a decade before tying knots in 1999?

Dated Madeline For A Decade Before Tying Knots

Aforementioned, actress Madeline and attorney John Hansbury shared an extraordinary love.

If you are a huge fan of Madeline, you may know she was an adopted child who built a passion for acting during her school time. She was a catch who could not trust easily. However, it changed in 1989 when John Hansbury finally crossed her path.

The pair built a happy relationship despite the challenges. Madeline was experiencing her career-peak when the couple met. However, the challenging roles on film and stage performances kept her busy. She was further discouraged when her mother, Paula Kahn, sued her and tried to get even more upkeep money.

Despite the challenges, the pair continued to support one another. Moreover, Madeline Kahn’s then-husband John Hansbury loved her wholeheartedly and remembered her as a sweet-sweet woman. Although there isn’t much detail of the pair’s relationship, they often appeared at events together and served the present-day’s #relationshipgoals elegantly.

Madeline Kahn's Then husband John Hansbury
Madeline Kahn and John Hansbury dated for a decade and appeared in numerous events together. Image Source: Social Media.

John further recognized how hard it was to be Madeline Kahn personally and professionally. Thus, after a memoir was published about Madeline, he ensured that those who admire his late wife can only love her more after reading it.

Though they shared deep love and compassion for one another, they could only be married for only two months before Madeline Kahn died of cancer.

Died Within Two Months of Exchanging Vows

As stated earlier, Madeline Kahn and John Hansbury were married very briefly. Although they were committed to one another, Madeline needed multiple persuasions to agree and exchange vows.

High Anxiety actress Madeline Kahn developed ovarian cancer in 1998 and was undergoing treatment while working on Cosby. She continued her chemotherapy, three surgeries, and experimental cancer treatments while shooting the NY-based sitcom Cosby in 1998.

Although diminished by cancer, John Hansbury’s late wife Madeline Kahn mustered her strength to stand for her wedding ceremony on 10 October 1999. She further agreed to be Mrs. Hansbury with a loud and clear voice, which was reduced to a whisper otherwise.

Unfortunately, Hansbury’s wife died within two months of their marriage on December 3, 1999, after the disease spread rapidly. Poor Kahn was only 57.

Madeline’s husband was devastated by the news but accepted the inevitable. Thus, he dedicated a bench in her memory along with her brother, Jeffrey Kahn. Because John lost his newly wed-bride to cancer, he now serves as the chair of OCRA.

Chair of OCRA Board of Directors

As stated earlier, John Hansbury lost his wife to ovarian cancer. As a tribute to her, he now serves as the chair of the OCRA Board of Directors.

Moreover, Madeline was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1998. Going through the treatments, she felt that her struggles could raise awareness of the horrendous disease. Thus, John promised to campaign for improved ovarian cancer treatment and awareness and joined the OCRA Board in 1999.

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Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, aka OCRA, is the oldest and biggest ovarian cancer charity globally, which focuses on efforts to eradicate ovarian cancer. They also support patients, train interested people to advocate at both state and federal levels effectively, and unite local ovarian cancer organizations through membership.

Madeline Kahn’s former beau proudly accepts that it was an honor to have known and loved her. However, life goes on, and one can never give up on sharing love with another. Thus, he remarried yet another wonderful and independent woman named Carisa Jackson.

Remarried Carisa Jackson In 2016

Death is inevitable, either it is slow or fast. In John Hansbury’s late wife, Madeline’s case, it came fast. She was a virtuous woman, and her partner loved her dearly. But the dead can only remain in memory, and one needs to move on with life.

Hence, John Jansbury also moved on and married a woman named Carisa Jackson in January 2016. They had a simple wedding which was officiated at Bill’s Food & Drink. There are no details about how and when the pair met one another, but Carisa undoubtedly helped him get over the grief.

John Hansbury’s wife, Carisa, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and worked as an investment advisory firm. She is the daughter of Daniel J. Jackson and Anne L. Jackson.

Unfortunately, Madeline Kahn’s then-husband John Hansbury is living a secluded life away from media scrutiny. Therefore, with all the respect for his privacy, let’s hope to hear more of him in the coming days in good health.

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