Meet Mark Evans’ Wife Bille Amatnieks-Evans – Any Children Together?

Mark Evans' wife, Bille Amatnieks-EvansMark Evans' wife, Bille Amatnieks-Evans stays far from the limelight. Image Source: Social Media.

Mark Evans, born Mark Whitmore Evans, is a well-known Australian musician who currently serves as the bass guitarist for the Australian rock band Rose Tattoo. Before joining the Rose Tattoo professionally, Evans was a member of the world-famous rock band AC/DC from 1975 to 1977. Some of the notorious AC/DC albums featuring Evans include T.N.T., High Voltage, Let There Be Rock, and many more. Also, Mark Evans played for several bands like Finch, Cheetah, Heaven, and The Party Boys.

The former guitarist of AC/DC, Mark Evans, is strictly secretive regarding his personal life. He never talks about his private life and family on social media handles. Many might not know that Rose Tattoo’s guitarist, Mark Evans, is married to Bille Amatnieks Evans. Here, know some more about Mark Evans’ wife, Bille Amatnieks-Evans, their married life, and if they have any children together.

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Mark Evans’ Secretive Marriage With Bille Amatnieks-Evans

As we all know that Mark Evans is one of the legendary guitarists of all time who is serving in the music industry since the early 1970s. Currently, millions of music lovers around the globe take him as their idol. His professional achievements are hardly hidden from the public eyes. Despite being a celebrity figure, his family life is entirely away from the media reach. The only fact known to the public is that Mark is in a marital relationship with Bille Amatnieks-Evans. Besides that, when and where Mark exchanged wedding vows with his wife is not available to the public.

Mark Evans' wife, Bille Amatnieks-Evans
Mark Evans’s wife, Bille Amatnieks-Evans rarely appears in media with her famous husband. Image Source: Social Media.

Furthermore, Mark Evans’ wife, Bille Amatnieks-Evans, is not available on any social media platforms. As a result, her profession and other personal details are still an unsolved puzzle to every one of those who wish to learn more about her. Moreover, Bille rarely attends the red carpet events with her famous husband and even if she does, she always makes sure the media does not spot her.

So, Mark Evans’ marriage with Bille Evans is a mystery to everyone. We hope the couple is living a happy and blissful life away from the media paparazzi.

Bille Amatnieks-Evans’ Children With Mark Evans

As we mentioned a couple of times, both Mark Evans and his wife, Bille Amatnieks-Evans, are very secretive about their private life. So, like their marital life, the existence of Bille Amatnieks-Evans and Mark Evan’s children is still a mystery.

Both Bille Evans and her husband, Mark Evans, have already reached the age of having babies many years ago. Hence, it’s speculated that they might have given birth to a couple of kids together. They might have even adopted some, but sadly it’s completely private, and the married pair are mum about them. Hopefully, their kids will show up in the media someday with their parents in public events.

Currently, Mark Evans’ wife, Bille Amatnieks-Evans, lives a peaceful life undisturbed by the unnecessary media dramas. But we hope soon Mark Evans will reveal some details about his wife and their married life so that we can learn about her better.

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