Morgxn: The Musician Embracing His Identity and Using His Platform to Inspire Change

Queer Singer MorgxnMorgan Issac Karr, mostly known by his stage name Morgxn is a queer indie pop singer-songwriter. Photo Source: Morgxn's Instagram.

Love You With The Light On singer Morgxn is admired by many for his unwavering determination to speak his mind no matter what. The indie pop artist from Nashville inspires many while he himself is dealing with hate, trauma, turmoil, and pain.

As a queer artist, Morgxn is doing his part to inspire change and break the stigmas that still persist in society. So let’s learn more about the singer-songwriter and how he uses his platform and fan base to benefit fellow queers.

Struggled Like Many Others

Morgxn, born Morgan Issac Karr, struggled with his identity and sexuality while growing up. In an interview with Windy City Times, Morgxan revealed that he learned about his sexuality through a voice teacher and the music he brought into his life. The teacher introduced him to the music of Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross.

Morgxn was also a victim of an internet bully when he was in seventh grade. A kid in his school created a fake id with Morgan’s name on it and sent death threats to someone in his class. Things got really messy to the point that the FBI was involved. They traced the email back to the one who created the account. Mrgxn’s mom then marched into school and asked them to do something about that.

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Tragedies To Music

The alt-pop vocalist, Morgxn has the ability to turn his painful experiences into something meaningful. His many songs were solely inspired by his life experiences, giving each one an in-depth meaning to it. His song ‘A New Way‘ was inspired by his personal experience when he was called f–t in front of his mom during the Women’s March.

When Morgxn was dealing with the grief of losing his dad, he wrote a song called Me Without You, which in his words, sums up the feeling of loss of someone who means so much to you. The singer has always been vocal about his true feelings, no matter how difficult they are. He encourages his listeners not to run away from the pain but to feel it in order to heal.

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Is Dating Anyone?

Morgxan is always open about his life and lets the world know about his ideas, political views, and love life. The singer has never shied away from expressing his true self. Talking about his love life, Morgxn is in a relationship with Gabriel Max Starner.

Morgxn Lover Gabriel Max Starner
Morgxn is in a relationship with photographer Gabriel Starner. Photo Source: Morgxn’s Instagram.

The details regarding where the couple met and how their love bloomed aren’t revealed yet, but it looks like the duo is happy in love. Morgxn’s partner Gabriel is a photographer and owns a nursery/gardening store called Pretty Cute Plants. The duo can be seen expressing their love on their Instagram account, and we send the pair good regards.

Morgxn is hopeful that someday LGBTQ artists will no longer be confined to queer spaces only and get a broader platform. Also, he prefers being described as queer as he feels it’s colorful. He intends to see a world where everyone is treated as a human before any labels that come with them.

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