More About Neslie Ricasa, Is She Joey Chestnut’s Wife?

Joey Chestnut's ex-girlfriend Neslie RicasaJoey Chestnut's ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa is a very secretive person. Image Source: Joey/Neslie's Facebook.

Joseph Christian Chestnut, aka Jaws, is an American competitive eater ranked first in the world by Major League Eating. However, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest winner has little luck when it comes to relationships.

Although Chestnut is famous amongst women, he was smitten over Neslie Ricasa. Therefore, here is everything about Joey Chestnut’s ex-fiancee and her whereabouts. Stick until the end to see how Joey munched his way through a break-up.

Who Is Neslie Ricasa?

Joseph Chestnut is a renowned competitive eater who was once in love with a woman named Neslie Ricasa. Yes, Neslie rose to fame as Joey Chestnut’s girlfriend, but she has always maintained privacy regarding her life.

Moreover, Neslie is away from social media, and her Instagram remains dormant since 2015. Likewise, her Facebook was last updated in August 2019. In one of her Insta uploads, Ricasa is seen feeding a baby tiger with a big smile on her face, you might as well say, like a proud mom.


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Although Ricasa is a massive secret-keeper, her Instagram clearly shows she’s an enormous animal lover. Moreover, her dog was featured constantly on her social media. In fact, she once noted that her fur baby was not a speed breaker like his daddy- as in Joey Chestnut, who is now her ex-partner.

Interestingly, the only person she is friends with on Facebook is her current husband, Drew Ely.

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Neslie Ricasa Is Married

As mentioned earlier, Joey Chestnut’s ex-girlfriend, Neslie, is married and might have popped up on Facebook to update her relationship status in 2019.

Oh, yes, Joey Chestnut’s ex-fiancee is married and supposedly has a kid with her husband, Drew Ely. Although there isn’t much about Neslie and her marital life, neither her professional career and current whereabouts, her Facebook suggests that she got married in 2019.

Posted by Neslie Ely on Sunday, August 4, 2019


Also, Neslie Ricasa’s Facebook reveals that the Ely pair started their relationship in 2017 while she first uploaded their pictures on her Instagram, captioning “Besties.” Regardless of her surfacing personal information, Neslie maintains sheer privacy and seems to have no intention to shine in public.

But if you followed Chestnut and his career victories, you must know what had happened in 2014. Thus, read further to understand what actually happened between Joey and Neslie.

Got Engaged To Joey Chestnut In 2014

The hot-dog-eating legend, Joey Chestnut, nibbled down 61 hot dogs in just 10 minutes for his eighth straight win at the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Furthermore, the triumphant Joey proposed to his former long-time partner, Neslie Ricasa, the same day, prior to the hot dog eating contest in 2014. Interestingly, she accepted the proposal, and the pair got engaged.

However, very little was heard from the pair thereafter. In fact, the couple of three years announced their split weeks before their May 9 wedding date. As of now, both Joey and Neslie have moved on with their respective partners.

While Neslie has already tied knots, her former to-be husband is yet to walk down the aisle.

Are Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa Married?

After all the readings, if you still question are Joey and Neslie married, let us answer it for ya’ll. No! Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa are not married. In fact, they have moved on with life and have found their own happiness. But what really caused the breakup?

If you ask the competitive eater, Joey, he’d blamed their breakup on his hectic touring schedule and traveling. He further admitted that he was gone quite a bit and that they broke up mutually.

Joey Chestnut's ex-girlfriend Neslie Ricasa
Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa broke up shortly before their wedding. Image Source” Joey’s Instagram.

Moreover, Neslie’s ex-fiance was worried that it might be challenging to return to the scene after the breakup, but he focused on winning instead. Adding to his statement, Joey seemed relieved not to have any distractions admitting the whole engagement thing had affected him previously.

Even after all the comments swirling around the Internet, Joey Chestnut’s to-be wife at the time, Neslie remained silent and never actually talked about the breakup. She still maintains a low-key life. Thus, we do hope to hear more of her someday in the future.

Chestnut Won For 14th Time At Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest

Known to the world as the Jaws, Joey Chestnut broke his own world record on Sunday, i.e. July 4, 20121 after devouring 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes at Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Furthermore, Chestnut gulped 76 hot dogs in the nationally televised competition which is one more than he did in the men’s record last year.

While talking in an interview with ESPN, Chestnut told that he felt good after his win. He further told that even if he felt uncomfortable, having everyone cheer for him made him feel good.

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