Meet Pasionaye Nguyen – Facts About Tyga’s Mother and Their Relationship with Photos

Tyga with his mother Pasionaye Nguyen

American rapper Tyga has had a successful career, to say the least. He has released numerous hit albums and songs over the years and his relationship with reality star Kylie Jenner, he has achieved superstardom and is one of the most well-recognized rappers in all of America. But it’s safe to say that all this success would not have been possible if not for his mother Pasionaye Nguyen.

Pasionaye Nguyen is the mother of Tyga and is of Afro-Asian ethnicity. Born in 1974, Tyga is the only son of 47-year-old Pasionaye and his mother did everything in her power to raise her son and make sure he got everything he needed as Tyga’s father Michael Stevenson left her after she was pregnant. On her own, she turned Tyga into one of the most successful rappers of all time.

Here. we’ll discuss some of the facts related to Tyga’s mother Pasionaye Nguyen:

1) Pasionaye’s Family, Parents

Passionate Nguyen was born in 1971. She is of Afro-Asian descent and her mother Kim Nguyen was a pure Vietnamese. Despite being from Vietnam, she holds an American citizenship. She also has a sister whose name is Cece Nguyen, but as of now, not much details are known about her.

Tyga and his mother

As far as Pasionaye’s upbringing goes, it is believed that she lived in poverty and worked extremely hard to feed his son Tyga. Tyga stated during an interview that their family used to live in a poor area of Compton. However, in a 2012 leaked video, Tya was heard to be saying that they lived in a rich home and his mother even had a Range Rover.

2) Details On Pasionaye’s Partner

While Pasionaye is the mother of Tyga, his father’s name is Michael Stevenson. Pasionaye and Michael were together but it is not known whether the two actually married or not. Michael has a rough life and found himself on the wrong end of law enforcement on numerous occasions. He left Pasionaye as she was pregnant with Tyga in her belly.

Tyga has disregarded Michael Stevenson as his father publicly and has stated that 2 Pac was more of a father figure for him. It is not known whether Pasionaye dated anyone else after the splitting with Michael.

3) Tyga’s Relationship with His Mother

Tyga has a great relationship with his mother and credits her with all the success he has had. Pasionaye also has been very supportive about his career. She even sang Tyga’s Rack City with conviction on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Tyga also gifted his mum a stylish Range Rover worth $41 million.

Pasionaye has also had her say about Tyga’s relationship. She wasn’t a big fan of his first girlfriend Blac Chyna but got along well with his later girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Both she and her mother Kim were big fans of Kylie.

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