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Where do famous people vacation? Of course, contrary to popular belief, it need not necessarily be the Maldives. Internationally famous people enjoy their vacations at various European resorts just as much as they do on far-off islands. However, the locations that are most favored by the upper class are often those that can be reached by boat.

These locations could be ideal for your next vacation if you want to vacation like a celebrity or have a fair chance of running across one or two. They are all united simply by their desire for comfort. It’s doubtful that you’ll run across them on the public bus or train. When on vacation, airport taxi services are frequently used by them.

Famous people can arrive at the airport on time and in private thanks to AtoB New York airport transfers. Additionally, the AtoB airport transfer has room for all of their possessions. By the way, you don’t have to be a Hollywood star to enjoy all the benefits of an airport transfer. Simply book your personalized taxis to your desired destination together with your tickets. 

Stars are regularly followed by the paparazzi. Because of this, we already know where celebrities prefer to unwind and what they dress for beach and pool parties. Here are the most well-liked vacation spots that Oscar winners, sports greats, and music icons enjoy visiting.

Saint Barthélemy

For those who enjoy seclusion, breathtaking scenery, and five-star service, this little French island is nirvana. There are no hotels on St. Barthelemy with a 4-star rating or less, and this is not a joke. And to get here, you either need to get to the yacht by AtoB airport taxi, then take a 40-minute boat or fly a small local plane.

It is hardly unexpected that celebrities like to be cut off from the world in such a remote location. A favorite of ladies, Jason Statham, spent a weekend here with his girlfriend. Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of No Doubt, vacationed here with her husband and sons. This page would not be sufficient to provide a list of every famous person who visits St. Barthelemy. All that has to be said is that David Rockefeller and other wealthy constructed their homes here in the 1950s. St Barthelmy has earned the moniker “island of millionaires” as a result.


The little but incredibly lovely resort of Saint-Tropez is another Mecca for A-listers, located an hour’s drive from Nice by AtoB airport transfer. One-tenth of celebrities who have made the Côte d’Azur their vacation destination are Madonna, Elton John, Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves, and Giorgio Armani

Why do famous people adore Saint-Tropez? For its distinct Provencal flavor, lovely sandy beaches, pine trees, fresh air, good service, and exciting nightlife to start. Most intriguingly, Saint-Tropez, like Cabo San Lucas, started out as a fishing community before becoming a posh destination. This is partly because of the several annual events that are hosted here and draw a significant number of famous people.

Lake Como

Following his purchase of a home in Lake Laglio town, George Clooney has brought Lake Como into the public eye. Currently, the dashing actor stays in his opulent 30-room Villa Oleandra for up to four months each year. One of his neighbors is Sir Richard Branson, who owns Villa La Cassinella in Lenno, a community on the western shore of the lake that can only be reached by private airport taxi. This gorgeous area is full of charming tiny villages on the lakeshores and stunning houses surrounded by lush green gardens and deep mountain ranges


Celebrities adore visiting Mykonos off-season because there are fewer tourists. In order to enjoy some peace and quiet that they can’t have at home, the famous go there by AtoB airport transfer to avoid being seen, observed, and photographed. Lindsay Lohan, Tom Hanks, and Cristiano Ronaldo have all been sighted here.

Bondi Beach

One of Australia’s most well-known beaches, Bondi Beach, is well-known globally thanks to its appearances in countless television programs and motion pictures. The lengthy stretch of the beach’s golden sands is perfect for strolling, running, and sunbathing, and it’s a terrific location for skilled surfers. Hugh Jackman, Nicole Richie, and Leonardo DiCaprio are just a few celebrities that have unwinded here. You could see some local celebs if you take an airport taxi and go to Bondi Iceberg.


Affluent travelers flock to this Balearic island in the Mediterranean because of its scenic surroundings and laid-back vibe. Even celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, and Antonio Banderas have properties here. There are several opulent mansions strewn over the hills and beaches, thanks to the never-ending influx of celebrity guests. 

Take an AtoB airport taxi to Karma Bar and enjoy a drink here, one of the island’s most exclusive bars, if you want to spot any of the rich and famous. Both actor Brad Pitt and musician Julian Lennon entered this Bar. Puerto Portals, a glitzy harbor on Mallorca’s southern coast, is a preferred hangout for royalty and famous people like Paris Hilton and Jim Carrey. It’s also rumored that Rod Stewart regularly moors his boat here.

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