Who Is Real Estate Investor Graham Stephan’s Wife? Or Still Dating?

Graham Stephan's Girlfriend Savannah SmilesGraham Stephan is dating Savannah Smiles since 2019. Image Source: Savannah's Instagram.

Smash that Like button and hit the bell icon‘ is the new trend for every young entrepreneur and entertainer of this generation. Among them is an American real estate agent and YouTube personality, Graham Stephan.

Known for his incredibly informative videos on financial independence, saving, investing money, Graham managed to create a unique personality via YouTube. He further amassed a huge fanbase, including 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 273k followers on Instagram. Therefore, it is innate that people are interested in Stephan’s personal life as well.

Therefore, we shall tail real estate investor Graham Stephan’s wife/girlfriend in this article.

Currently In Relationship With Savannah Smiles

Aforementioned, the real estate investor Graham Stephan has become an important name on YouTube. With the growth of his YouTube fam, his fans are increasingly interested in his personal life.

Stephan is currently in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Savannah Smiles. Graham Stephan’s girlfriend is the most significant admirer and even claims her Instagram account as #1 Graham Stephan’s stan account.

The duo has been dating since June 2019. According to Graham Stepan’s Instagram, he appreciates his sweetheart’s presence. Furthermore, the couple continues to share their love with their fans via Instagram.

Graham Stephan’s Girlfriend Is Claustrophobic 

Well, first thing first, Savannah isn’t Stephan’s partner’s first name; she goes by the name Macey Savannah Smiles legally. However, she doesn’t mind the name Savannah or nicknames like Gigi, etc. 

Furthermore, Graham Stephan’s girlfriend, Savannah, was a long-distance runner and used to run in her high school and community college. Needless to say, Savannah is a YouTuber like Graham and has accumulated 29.4k subscribers within a few months. Furthermore, her decent Instagram follower counts reached 12.5k, making her liable for the #influencer tag. 

Well, Savannah has tucked her family away from media, but her relationship with Graham is pretty out and about. Graham Stephan even talks about monetizing the relationship in an entire Q&A video on his channel, which might sound awkward, but well, Savannah dates one of the most successful financial advisors.

Although Graham Stephan’s to-be wife, Savannah’s growth on YouTube is pretty awesome, it’s not her full-time job. According to her ’10 things you don’t know about me’ video, she revealed that she works in a corporate office. Well, Savannah didn’t want to get into the ‘specifics,’ but she did clarify that she works for a federal contractor that does commercial contracts and federal contracts. 

Besides having a perfect life, and almost ideal human, YouTuber/real estate investor Graham Stephan’s girlfriend is super claustrophobic. The indecisive Libra woman, Savannah, also fears airplanes. Like every couple, Stephan-Smiles too plan on traveling the world despite her fear of planes. 

Savannah Wants To Marry Graham In 10 Years 

Relationships are hard works, especially when you’re young and thriving to make a career. However, Stephan’s sweetheart, Savannah, seems clear about her vision. In a Q&A video, Savannah revealed that she wants to be with Graham, ‘hopefully’ married, starting to think of having a ‘toddler.’ 

The lovebirds have bullet-proof plans for their future. Furthermore, the pair met via mutual friends, and Savannah initiated her move and proudly lets fans call her ‘Graham’s girlfriend.’ The couple is completely head over heels for one another but with practical twists. Both Graham and Savannah knows how money works, and they seem to have similar goals for life. Hence, SORTED! 

Graham Stephan's Girlfriend Savannah Smiles
Graham Stephan’s girlfriend, Savannah, is knowledgeable about money like him. Image Source: Graham’s Instagram.

Interestingly, the couple talked about their financial goals on their first date. And like every couple, they have their share of petty arguments. 

Savannah also seems amused by fans’ reactions as she is visibly taller than her boyfriend, Graham. Adding to the cute-o-meter, Graham and Savannah own a cat named Ramsey together. She further declared love for her fur-baby on YouTube, claiming she loves Ramsey with ‘all her heart, left lung, and a kidney. 

Supportive Partners

Furthermore, Graham and Savannah seem pretty open about their plans and marriage. In a Q&A video on Graham Stepan’s channel, Savannah revealed that she would sign a prenup contract and her boyfriend seemed to agree with her. 

Well, Graham Stephan’s girlfriend is exceptionally supportive of him and his career choices. She further appreciates his presence and persistence towards his passion—a similar situation with Graham as he supports her life and career choices. So, a supportive couple with similar goals and a few petty arguments with loads of love sounds like Graham- Savannah’s relationship is bound to last a lifetime. 

Let’s hope to hear about Graham Stephan and Savannah Smiles’ marriage soon and several other ways to ‘monetize their relationship.’ Also, let’s hope their plan on never having to use their prenup contract comes true with many babies and a beautiful home in some countryside land, and a kicking career. 

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