What Could Be The Reason Behind Mike Rowe Not Having A Wife And Children?

Mike Rowe wife, Mike Rowe not marriedThe popular television host, Mike Rowe is still single. Image Source: Mike Rowe's Instagram.

Mike Rowe is one of those successful television hosts and narrators who has gained massive fame for their presentation skills and the programs they host. Yet, despite being a world-renowned TV host, he is still single and has no kids.

So what might be the reason behind Mike Rowe being a bachelor to date? And why does he not have any kids yet? Let’s find them all out here and also know if there are any possibilities we might see and hear about Mike Rowe’s wife in the coming days.

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Mike Rowe Dated A Couple Of Women But Didn’t Marry Them

The famous TV personality Mike Rowe has managed to keep his personal life relatively private throughout his long television career. However,  there are some details on his love life available for fans to devour. Reportedly, Rowe dated very few women in the past, which shows how well he has managed to keep his everyday life a secret.

For some time, Rowe was romantically linked to the American stuntwoman Danielle Burgio. According to some sources, he went so far as to propose to Burgio. However, neither Mike nor Danielle ever confirmed whether they were actually in a relationship or not.

Furthermore, another woman romantically linked with Mike Rowe is Sandy Dotson, an executive at a data management company. The rumors of Rowe dating Sandy Dotson started after the duo was seen enjoying a vacation together. But, rumors regarding their relationship also vanished away after some period of time.


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Moreover, during a talk with Kara Mayer Robinson, Mike Rowe revealed that one of his partners had cheated on him, and he was hurt, though not entirely devastated. Later, when she approached him and confessed to him, he forgave her. Also, Rowe suggested she forgive herself as he believes that cheating someone is cheating on oneself. But, sadly, he did not disclose the name of the girl.

So, Mike Rowe previously dated a couple of ladies, but there has been little to no information regarding any marriages of his. So, do you think Rowe might have married someone and kept it a secret from the world?

However, as previously mentioned, Rowe is very secretive when it comes to his personal life. So, details on Mike Rowe’s wife or ex-wife are still entirely hidden from the public. Moreover, if he has not married anyone yet, he has also never disclosed the reasons behind it.

Nonetheless, we hope the television host speaks out about his marital status, clearing his fans’ confusions once and for all.

Rowe’s Reasons For Not Having Kids

In 2006, a Reddit user questioned Mike Rowe whether he desired to have kids. Though the user did not think the popular host would answer, Rowe surprised him and other Reddit users with a lengthy explanation.

As stated by Rowe, he has nothing against having kids. Also, he further skillfully explained the pros and cons of parenthood using his friends as examples.

Moreover, Mike wrote that he believes most people who are parents have no business being parents. Also, he pointed out that having a child is very easy to do in theory but difficult to do in practice.

Mike Rowe not married, Mike Rowe wife
In addition to being single, Mike Rowe also does not have kids. Image Source: Mike Rowe’s Instagram.

Furthermore, Mike Rowe concluded his reasons behind not wanting to have children by saying it’s because he is selfish. He added if he ever changes his mind and decides to have a family, his reasoning will be the same.

Though Rowe answered the question several years ago, it still seems like he has not changed his mind about kids. However, it is not too late for him, and who knows, he might still change his mindset.

Mike Rowe Rumored To Be A Gay

Courtesy of his secretive nature concerning his love life, the Dirty Jobs host, Mike Rowe, is often speculated to be gay. As a result, a lot of people frequently ask him questions regarding his sexuality. However, Rowe has not yet replied to those questions on his own.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Mike Rowe was previously in a relationship with a lady. And, they both broke up with one another by mutual agreement. Hence, the answer to the frequently asked question, “Is Mike Rowe Gay?” is pretty clear.

Despite finding fame and earning a fortune, his reasons for staying single all these years are still a concern to many of his fans and media people. Nonetheless, we hope Mike Rowe is happy and is enjoying his life to the fullest. And if the television personality ever finds the love of his life, let’s hope he shares the good news with his admirers.

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