What Is The Reason Behind Paul Lieberstein’s Weight Loss, Suffering From Cancer?

Paul Lieberstein's weight lossPaul Lieberstein's Weight Loss created a massive confusion regarding his health. Image Source: Social Media.

A real The Office fan will ‘not’ remember their beloved Toby Flenderson played by Paul Lieberstein. The American actor, screenwriter, and television producer is a Primetime Emmy Award winner and served as an executive producer on the NBC sitcom The Office. Paul appeared in several other shows, including The Mindy Project, Bad Teacher, Togetherness, etc.  Also, he wrote one of the episodes of the Office Ladies podcast titled Stress Relief. He’s married to his wife Janine Poreba.

Because of the increasing fame, Lieberstein’s presence on social media is highly scrutinized. Furthermore, his appearance on The Office was laboriously scanned. Thus, here is everything about his sudden lean figure in The Office.

What Is The Reason Behind Paul Lieberstein’s Sudden Weight Loss?

OK! Let’s face it, Paul Lieberstein is a human, and his weight loss and gain are phases. However, being on television makes a difference and hence was highly scrutinized when he appeared lean on a few episodes of The Office. His appearance in the 21st episode of season seven of NBC’s sitcom shooketh many.

Furthermore, it was an uproar worldwide as Paul Lieberstein’s aka Toby Flenderson’s fans were greatly curious about his sudden weight loss. There were several discussions about his sudden weight loss on social media, including Reddit. People were often confused if Paul had cancer while others speculated about him overworking.

Similarly, some fans even pointed out some ‘supposed’ instances where Paul complained of feeling nauseous while on set.

Paul Lieberstein's weight loss
Paul Lieberstein’s sudden weight loss made a huge commotion among his fans. Image Source: Paul’s Twitter.

Well, Paul Lieberstein’s weight loss would have made no difference if he had a regular job. However, in the show biz, the sudden weight loss made commotion as if he needed a formal statement to justify the appearance. Do actors like Paul Lieberstein owe their justification to their fans regarding their personal choices? Let’s read that again and think! Do they?

Is Paul Lieberstein Suffering From Cancer?

Again, there are several factors where one can lose or gain weight. Naturally, things would go unnoticed, but on television, one might need to be cautious.

Aforementioned, Paul’s weight loss was an important topic on the internet for a while. Fans even speculated if he had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. However, the Lieberstein family had denied the rumor.

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Given the rumor that Paul often got nauseous while on the set of The Office also supported the fans’ assumptions. Furthermore, the reason behind Paul Lieberstein’s weight loss was blamed on his smoking habit as well. It even gave room to the first stage, the ‘Lung cancer’ rumor. Well, Paul has never clarified the actual word about the sudden change.

If Paul had been suffering from cancer while he was working on The Office, we might have never seen him on screen. Moreover, it was revealed that he was not allowed to perform Toby’s classic fence jump in fear of him hurting himself. Since he was not even allowed to jump for a scene, one can say that he would not have been working if he was suffering from the alleged lung cancer.

Well, of course, fans were bamboozled by the change. But unless Paul comes out with the slid confirmations upon what causes the loss, we shall remain calm and accept the man as he is. Also, Paul is a hard-working person and exerts himself to produce the best.

Hence, that might have resulted in a slender image. So, what do you think?

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