Relationship Between Dany Garcia And Dave Rienzi, How Did It All Begin For The Couple?

Dany Garcia And Dave RienziDany Garcia And Dave Rienzi are sharing very beautiful marital life since 2014. Image Source: Dany's Instagram.

Whether it be life partners, business partners, or merely a friendship, knowing the value of a relationship brings immense change and respect. Such is the relationship between Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife, Dany Garcia. The pair have been working together since 2008 and recently announced the return of XFL in 2022. 

Well, besides the monumental moment of being the first female sports league owner with XFL, she has been enjoying a blissful marital life with Dwayne Johnson’s fitness trainer, Dave Rienzi. The couple is shutting the myth of ‘age difference’ and living their best life. Did it sound like a love triangle? Well, of course! 

Therefore, let’s find out how Dwayne Johnson’s ex-wife and fitness trainer, Garcia and Rienzi’s romance flourished. 

The Couple Met During Rock’s Fitness Routines 

Love meets people at the unexpected turn of life. A similar fate followed Dany Garcia. The Garcia Companies and TGC Management chairwoman met her husband, Dave Rienzi, during Rock’s fitness routines. 

 Johnson’s ex-wife, Dany, moved on after several years of parting ways with him. Although Dave, Dany, and Dwayne Johnson’s relationship might sound weird, they made it work pretty well. 

Furthermore, Johnson went on to describe Dave as one of the best men. He further expressed his training as intense, nasty, unapologetic, and hardcore. Thus, Dwayne The Rock Johnson credits Dany Garcia’s husband for his incredible fitness. 

The pair went on to share vows after a few months of building courtship. 

Dany And Dave Got Married In 2014 

Aforementioned, Dany Garcia and Dave Rienzi met during Rock’s fitness routine. Furthermore, their relationship moved pretty fast, and they happened to share vows within months of dating. 

Furthermore, the pair went onto share vows in an intimate ceremony on 29 March 2014, surrounded by friends and families. Additionally, Dany Garcia’s husband, Dave, came third in the IFBB North American. 

Johnson congratulated Dave’s achievement via Twitter on the day of the event in September 2014. It looks like Dave and Dany’s conjugal brought them great fortune and success. 

Dany Garcia And Dave Rienzi,
Dany Garcia And Dave Rienzi shared their vows in 2014 amidst friends and families. Image Source: Dave’s Instagram.

Furthermore, Dave Rienzi’s wife, Dany, is fourteen years older than him. Despite their age difference, the couple celebrates their love with great affection. Furthermore, the lovebirds upload pictures of them on Instagram, thanking, and appreciating their hard work. 

On that note, Dave not only loves his wife as a partner but helps her with her training as well. 

Dave Rienzi and Dany Garcia Shares Same Interest

Needless to mention that Dave and Dany Garcia are into bodybuilding since one is a professional fitness coach, and the other is a pro bodybuilder. 

A couple that shares a common value tends to maintain a great understanding and respect in a relationship. This could be the reason for the intense bonding and love between Dave and Dany. 

Besides sharing life, Dave also helps his beloved wife with her fitness training. Moreover, he recently posted a video with a heartwarming caption where Dave praises his beautiful wife’s persistence and discipline. Likewise, Dany also acts as Dave’s hypeman and continues to honor his dedication towards his work. 

However, there is much more to the couple’s relationship than just sharing a common interest and having a close circle. They are also responsible parents to Dany Garcia’s daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson, with former husband, Dwayne Johnson. 

Parent to Simone Alexandra Johnson, A To-Be WWE Star

As mentioned above, the relationship is not just about sharing common interests but bearing responsibilities rightfully. So, Rienzi and Garcia tick the charts off regarding the responsibility as well. 

Dany welcomed a daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson, with her husband, Dwayne Johnson, throughout their decade-long marriage. Although the former couple’s marriage ended in divorce, their relationship remains strong even today. They raised their daughter together and expanded their business as business partners. 

Dany Garcia And Dave Rienzi,
Dany Garcia’s daughter Simone Alexandra has two fathers. Image Source: Dave’s Instagram.

Like Dwayne, Dany’s husband, Dave, helped to raise Simone as well. The pair hasn’t welcomed any kids together but raised Garcia’s daughter together. Therefore, Simone is seen appreciating Dave as her father as well. 

Even though Rienzi-Garcia’s relationship started in odd circumstances, for fans, however, they have a good relationship. Therefore, Dave and Dany Garcia maintain a good relationship and a healthy marriage alongside raising a business and marriage.

Let’s hope the love birds enjoy their life together in the coming days and the same love and intensity. 

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