What Disease Does Shannon Bream Have? Is It Serious?

Shannon Bream DiseaseShannon Bream was diagnosed with Map Dot Fingerprint Dystrophy, a genetic eye disease. Image Source: Social Media.

Born Shannon Noelle DePuy, Shannon Bream is an anchor of the program Fox News @ Night. The journalist-attorney is also the winner of the 1991 Miss America and was a contestant in the 1995 Miss USA. She has accumulated enormous fame and fortune in her career. Besides, the journalist shares a blissful marital life with her husband of over two decades, Sheldon Bream.

Although Shannon is successful in her personal and professional life, did you know she was traumatized by a genetic eye disease? Thus, let’s learn about Shannon Bream’s disease and her story in today’s article.

Had To Suffer For Two Years Without Diagnosis

Shannon Bream started to experience extreme discomfort and pain in her eye around February 2010. She used to wake up in the middle of the night, with a feeling like someone was stabbing her eyes. Opening up about her story to People, the journalist said she couldn’t sleep longer than an hour or two due to the constant searing pain. The former Miss America used to set alarms so she could wake up and put in eye drops.

Shannon Bream’s disease caused extreme eye discomfort that often triggered double vision and migraines. Although she used to carry her eye drops everywhere, it didn’t help her. It’s not that Shannon didn’t visit a doctor, she did. But her doctor didn’t have an answer and thought she was being too emotional.

Shannon Bream Disease
Shannon Bream started to experience extreme dry eye and discomfort in 2010. Image Source: Social Media.

The doctor’s advice was far from what the FNC host wanted to hear instead, she was desperate for the correct diagnosis. She was also in dire need of any lifeline or treatment that would help her through the nightmare. Mrs. Bream read medical journals, scoured the internet, and visited chat rooms to find the answer to her pain.

During her search, the blonde beauty came across many people who concluded taking their own life was a remedy. Amidst her nightmare, she didn’t think the idea was unreasonable. For it had been almost two years, and Shannon’s condition had only worsened. She even thought about how peaceful it would be to go to sleep and not wake up.

Finally, the attorney opened up about her dark thoughts to her husband, Sheldon. The latter was very supportive and assured her of accompanying her on her road to recovery. It must have been very touching for the tv personality to hear such heartfelt words and see such commitment from her partner.

Shannon Bream’s Disease: Diagnosis & Treatment

After researching top-rated ophthalmologists, the Bream couple came across the cornea specialist Dr. Thomas Clinch in Washington, D.C. Finally, the latter diagnosed the tv host with Epithelial Basement Membrane Dystrophy (EBMD), also known as Map Dot Fingerprint Dystrophy. It’s also a genetic condition. The gorgeous lady was thrilled to have a diagnosis but instantly felt lost after finding out there was no cure.

Later, at her follow-up appointment, Dr. Clinch and Bream focused on treatment strategies. First, they aimed to strengthen the adhesion between the skin cells and the cornea. Shannon revealed that within a few weeks of her treatment, she was able to sleep through seven hours at night.

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Found Her Life Back

As the title suggests, the talented anchor disclosed that she found her life back after her treatment. For that, she initially used drops, saline solutions, ointments, and started taking fish oil. She even tested with tear duct plugs. While improving her severe dry eye, Dr. Clinch also corrected Shannon’s vision, so she no longer needed to wear contacts.

In one of her interviews, Mrs. Bream added her eyes were never going to be perfect, but it was better than before. She does still have minor and infrequent pain here and there some nights. However, she can now travel, work long hours, and, more importantly, continue her rocking career as a correspondent at Fox News Channel.

Besides, Bream dedicated a chapter to her struggle with her eye disease in her book Finding the Bright Side.

Altogether, Shannon Bream’s disease was diagnosed precisely. Although it’s a genetic disease and has no cure, her eye pain and discomfort have been lessened by a large margin. At last, we wish Shannon a healthier life in the coming days.

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