Anne Stringfield – Interesting Facts about Steve Martin’s Wife and Their Love Life

Steve Martin wife Anne StringfieldSteve Martin has been married to his wife Anne Stringfield for quite some time now. Photo Source: Flickr.

The ever-so-talented and multi-faceted Hollywoodian and five-time Grammy winner Steve Martin has been a sensation since the 70s. The comedian, writer, actor, and musician is backed by an incredible woman in his life, Anne Stringfield.

The pair are still going strong after more than a decade of marriage and appear to be in blossoming love. How did Steve Martin’s wife leave a lasting impression and catch him off guard? In this article, we will learn more about Anne’s side of the story and how the Martins are such inseparable love doves.

Her Parents Are Highly Educated

In 1972, Dr. James Stringfield and Margo Stringfield‘s eldest child, Anne, was born. The Stringfield family is based in Pensacola, Florida. Anne’s loving mother worked as an archaeologist at the University of West Florida, and her dad is a medical doctor. She also has a younger sister with whom she grew up. The Stringfield siblings attended Pensacola High School together.

Furthermore, Steve Martin’s spouse, Anne, attended Davidson College and graduated in the year 1994. Like many college sweethearts who end up together, Mrs. Stringfield might have given up the idea of finding someone at the same college, but little did she know with whom she was destined to be in the future and how magical it was all going to be.

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Anne Took Vows To Be Steve Martin’s Wife

Throughout the middle of the 2000s, while operating as a fact-checker for the “New Yorker,” Mrs. Martin made her initial contact with the comic and entertainer Steve Martin. She had to contact him numerous times to double-check an original comedic composition for which she was responsible.

Steve Martin's Wife Anne Stringfield
Steve Martin has been in a loving marriage with his beautiful wife, Anne Stringfield. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Prior to finally interacting in real life, the pair spoke on the telephone for around a year. Although seeming to be famous, Martin, a shy person, was apparently drawn to Stringfield’s extreme shyness. He would later quote Wordsworth’s line while referring to his initial encounter, adding that Anne is likely the kind of perfection that prompted the Renaissance artist to pen “the whole ‘violet by a mossy stone’ thing.”

Discreet Wedding Of The Martins

The couple discreetly wed at a reception at Steve Martin’s Los Angeles house after several years of relationship on July 28, 2007. The crazy part was that even though Steve’s pals like Tom Hanks and Eugene Levy, magician/actor Ricky Jay, and Carl Reiner were there, they had absolutely no idea about the event. The friends merely came to the event without knowing it was a marriage reception.

The senator of Nebraska officially named the duo husband and wife. The majority of the 75 attendees came to the magical ‘under the stars’ wedding where Anne took a vow to be Steve Martin’s wife till her last breath.

Famous SNL creator Lorne Michaels was the best man for the groom, whereas Anne’s younger sister became her maid of honor. The celebration was iconic and sparked a rumor far and wide. To this day, nobody knows why they went for a surprise wedding, but it must be for the best.

The love doves chose the romantic and mesmerizing scenery of the West Indies for their honeymoon.

An Experience Of Being A Parent

At 40 years of age, Steve Martin’s wife gave birth to their baby girl. Anne and Steve named their daughter Mary Martin, inspired by the holy Bible.

Anne became a mom in December 2012, and that changed her whole world. Steve, on the other hand, became a parent for the first time as well at 67 years old. After having a wife prior to Anne and multiple rumors of dating high-profile celebrities, being a dad for the first time must have turned Martin’s world upside down with joy too.

At that stage, Anne Stringfield’s husband gave speeches to various television programs and publications regarding his adventure of becoming a dad at 67, which made this a big deal in the show business. He claimed in the event that he would have been a terrible dad in the past, but Steve was now able to devote as much quality time to his daughter as he desired because he was no longer concerned about the job.

Furthermore, the duo kept their child’s name a secret for a lot longer than required. Anne, who was already shying away from the limelight, went further away after she gave birth to Mary, and Steve maintained his distance as well. The couple is now concentrating on being loving and responsible parents to their little bundle of joy.

Unlike other celebrities, Steve doesn’t talk much about his family in the media. Though he has an IG account, his last post was in June 2014. He hasn’t posted pictures with his wife and their kid, either. Still, they must be doing well.


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It looks like the secret ingredient is always love, and that’s what holds people together. Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield have found it in each other, and we wish to see them like this always. May their love continue to bloom!

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