Tom Ford Eyewear: Loved by Brad Pitt, Demi Lovato – and James Bond

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The designer Tom Ford’s collections of eyewear has been loved by celebrities worldwide for years. The man himself has impeccable style credentials: he formerly held the role of creative director at both Yves St Laurent and Gucci before launching his own fashion house in 2005.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s also a real-life celeb in his own right, having written and directed movies including A Single Man and Nocturnal Animals.

Thinking of investing in a pair of Tom Ford glasses? Here are the stars that have also splashed out on this designer’s eyewear – and some tips on how to ensure you get the Tom Ford specs that suit you best.

Demi Lovato’s: Back to Style Basics

One of the most well-known fans of Tom Ford eyewear is singer-songwriter Demi Lovato. The star loves to incorporate a classic pair of chunky black-framed Tom Ford glasses with their trademark gold ‘T’ on the armbars into a natural look – think just-got–out-of-bed wavy hair, minimal make-up, and glowing skin. These designer specs make for effortless chic and an air of vintage cool and, as Demi’s style demonstrates, can uplevel even the simplest of looks.

How to Get Demi’s Tom Ford Look

If you love Demi’s edgy yet au-naturel look, here’s how to get it yourself! For the hair, smooth some styling wax through damp locks, rough dry, and then put your head upside down and give your hair a blast with a hairdryer. For Demi’s natural-looking make-up, use a subtly tinted moisturizer, a light sweep of dewy blush, and a nude lip gloss.

If you’re worried that Demi’s choice of glasses could overwhelm your face, take a look at some of the other glasses in the Tom Ford collection: while many feature similar signature styling, there are some slightly ‘lighter’ frame options that’ll be easier for those with smaller features to pull off beautifully.

Whitney Tom Ford Glasses: Adored by the Glitterati

The Tom Ford Whitney model of sunglasses, with their standout shape designed around the mathematical symbol for infinity, have already become iconic. Major-league celebs, including Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Gwen Stefani, and Charlize Theron, are just a few of the stars who’ve been spotted wearing these distinctive shades. Oozing glamor and featuring distinctive cut-out sections and metal inserts on each temple, the sunglasses also incorporate brown gradient lenses that offer maximum UV protection.

Will Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses Suit My Face Shape?

This model of sunglasses from Tom Ford looks best on those with round, oval, or heart-shaped faces. Due to their oversized design, those with smaller features could find they overwhelm the face – but if this is the case, there is a solution! Extra large shades in a similar shape featuring transparent frames could be flattering – the clear frames are more subtle, meaning that there’s less risk of the shades appearing to overly dominate the face.

James Bond’s Choice of Shades: the Marko Aviator

Tom Ford glasses aren’t just loved by celebrities: they’re adored by movie characters, too! Daniel Craig’s James Bond famously wore a pair of Tom Ford Marko aviator-style sunglasses in 2012’s Skyfall. These shades feature rhodium silver frames and blue lenses and are the perfect eyewear for the eponymous hero: cool, sophisticated, and tough enough to withstand being shaken and stirred.

As with all classic aviator styles, the Marko incorporates a teardrop-shaped frame, curved lenses, and an open bridge, and they tend to suit the vast majority of face shapes. They’re ultra-lightweight and provide optimum comfort, meaning they can be worn all day, whether you’re undertaking top-secret missions on behalf of the British government or heading to your friend’s house for a barbeque!

Brad Pitt’s Enduring Love Affair with Tom Ford Glasses

Brad Pitt has an enviable collection of sunglasses, and Tom Ford eyewear features prominently. One of his most-worn pairs, which the star regularly rocks on the red carpet, is the FT5295 model, which incorporates a slightly curved, oblong-shaped frame and armbars featuring the iconic T-bar logo. Pitt’s choice of eyewear boasts brown frames and brown-tinted lenses, and, like most of the other glasses in the Tom Ford collection, can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Will Colored Lenses Suit Me?

If, like Pitt, you fancy some shades with colored tinted lenses rather than the traditional black, then there are endless options out there. Wondering what color tint will best suit you? As a general rule, those with warm skin tones will find tints such as bronze, gold, and orange most flattering, while cooler skin-toned folk will usually look great in tints like blue, violet, and green.

Tom Ford Glasses: The Takeaway

If you’re in the market for some new glasses and are considering investing in an iconic pair that’ll look fabulous for years, then opting for a model from Tom Ford is likely to be a great move! There’s a reason that this designer’s eyewear collections are among the most popular with celebrities worldwide: they offer enduring style, effortless glamor, and are super high-quality. Use our guide above to help you pick the perfect pair for your face shape, skin tone, and unique aesthetic.

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