Who Is Tony Robbins’ Ex-wife Becky Robbins? Revealed Divorce Reasons

The separation of Tony Robbins and his ex-wife Becky Robbins after sharing a daughter togetherMotivational speaker and life coach Tony Robbins and Becky Robbins parted their ways after having a daughter together. Read the article to know why. Image source: Social Media.

Anthony Jay Robbins, best known as Tony Robbins, is an American author, philanthropist, coach, and motivational speaker. Robbins is widely popular all across the world for his philanthropy works and seminars. He has also been part of many infomercials and talks. Not only that, but Robbins has also written self-help books, including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. However, this motivational speaker who talks about optimism and positivity has come into controversy on various occasions.

One of such controversies was his divorce from his ex-wife Becky Robbins and the story behind it. And you might be curious to know why a man who inspires you to never give up on something gave up on his first love. Please read the article to know whoTony Robbins’ ex-wife Becky Robbins is and why they divorced.

Tony Robbins’ Ex-wife Becky Robbins – Early Life

Tony Robbins’ former wife, Becky Robbins, was born in 1962 as Rebecca Jenkins, although the information about the exact date is yet to be unveiled, what we know is, she was born in California, USA. There is no information about Becky’s parents, siblings, and educational background, but she must have had a joyful childhood.

It is said that Becky studied in a native highschool in California. She was lucky to be born and brought up in an academic family where she was encouraged to pursue her interest and develop the etiquette required for it. Enough about Becky’s early life, now let’s see how Becky met her ex-husband Tony Robbins.

How Did Becky And Tony Robbins Meet, And Their Marriage

Becky started working in the promotion of Jim Rohn‘s motivational seminars at the age of 17. She was already married with three children before she met Tony Robbins. In fact, she had divorced twice before meeting the author.

Rebecca met Tony during a seminar titled Unleashing the Power Within. The pair slowly became friends and eventually started dating. The couple finally got married in 1982. Tony had also adopted Becky’s children- two sons and a daughter- from her previous marriage.

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The Couple Were Parents To Three Babies

As aforementioned, Becky Robbins had three children, a 17-year-old and 11-year-old sons and a 5-year-old daughter, when she met her future husband. Tony decided to take responsibility for the children of his then-wife and adopted them. Although all of those children’s identity was not disclosed for many years, it is now a known fact that actress Jolie Jenkins is one of Tony’s adoptive children. She was born to Becky and her former husband on March 7, 1974. She has made quite a name for herself in the entertainment industry through her works in The X-Files, Shasta McNasty, etc. Becky’s daughter has already grown up and is married to David Pagani, a storyboard artist. Jolie also has two sons Louis Rocket Pagani and Hugo Pagani, making Becky and Tony the grandparents of two boy-babies.

But these are not the only children that Tony Robbins has. He also has a son name Jairek Robbins from his previous affair with his ex-girlfriend Liz Acosta. Jairek is also a life coach and a trainer like his father.

Reason Behind The Divorce Of Tony Robbins And Becky Robbins

During the initial phase of the marriage, Tony Robbins and his then-wife, Becky Robbins, were pretty happy with each other. But their relationship took a turn after some time. They started to realize that something was off between them, so they filed for divorce in 1998, which was finalized in 2001.

Later in an email. Tony Robbins revealed the main reason behind the divorce. He also mentioned that he somewhat had an intuition, from the beginning, that their marriage wouldn’t come a long way. According to him, the main reason why he married Becky was that he did not want to disappoint anyone – mainly Becky. Becky had lots of hopes from the marriage, and Tony being a life coach, couldn’t shatter all her dreams. However, they ended up parting their ways. Tony soon married Sage Robbins, just after his divorce from Becky, whereas Becky decided to stay single.

Becky Robbins Is A Painter

Currently, Tony Robbins’ ex-wife, Becky Robbins, works as an author, life coach, philanthropist, and painter. Becky has now become one of the oldest players in the business of being a life coach and a motivational speaker. The journey she had started at the early age of 17 has paid her off. As of now, she is the vice-president of Robbins Research International, the marketing and research arm of Tony Robbins’s business.

Tony Robbins and his ex-wife Becky Robbins separated after many years
In addition to being a life coach, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, Becky Robbins also paints. Image Source: Instagram/everythingbecky.

Apart from that, she loves to perform humanitarian work and paint her heart out. She likes to showcase them through her Instagram account and her art website. Even after the failure of her marriages, this strong woman has been living her life on her own terms. And we wish the best for Tony Robbins’ ex-wife Becky Robbins.

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