Who Is Will Reeve’s Girlfriend? Look At His Love Life And More

Will Reeve Girlfriend Lexi HenkelLexi Henkel was shoved into the limelight because of her relationship with ABC host Will Reeve. Image Source: Will Reeve Instagram.

William Reeve is a television reporter for ABC, journalist, and former actor. He presently serves as a correspondent for Good Morning America. In addition, the TV personality has worked with ESPN and MSG Network in the past. Apart from being known as a host and former actor, Will Reeve is best recognized as the son of late Superman actor Christopher Reeve with his wife, Dana Reeve.

Although his professional life has been in the open for many years, the ABC reporter has kept most of his personal affairs away from the spotlight. However, it is tough to keep everything hidden from the media in the showbiz world, especially when paparazzi are literally stalking celebrities. Yet, the former actor has done an excellent job disguising his relationship, with no one suspecting him of having a girlfriend until he made it public via his Instagram account.

Despite this, Reeve is notoriously private off-camera. Consequently, his admirers remain in the dark about the facts of his relationship. So, in this article, let’s learn about Will Reeve’s girlfriend, Lexi Henkel. Furthermore, let’s take a look into their love life and find out where things are heading in their relationship.

Lexi Is A Student At Stanford

Aforementioned, Will’s privacy game was so on fleek that nearly no one knew he was dating until he made it official. Therefore, it is only natural for others to be curious about the woman who has taken the tv personality’s breath away. So, why don’t we learn more about Will Reeve’s sweetheart‘s background before getting into the details of their love life?

According to Henkel’s LinkedIn profile, she received her primary schooling at Greenwich Academy. She finished high school in 2013 and spent her high school years as a Women’s Lacrosse team member. Will’s partner then attended Yale University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Spanish.

Will Reeve Girlfriend Lexi Henkel
Will Reeve’s girlfriend, Lexi Henkel graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics and Spanish. Image Source: Lexi Henkel LinkedIn.

Currently, she is enrolled at Stanford University Graduate School of Business and pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration. At the same time, Will Reeve’s girlfriend is working as the Senior Director at TMRW Life Sciences, Inc., a biotechnology company. So, we wish Lexi every success in her career and the best of luck for her future pursuits.

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Have Been Dating For Years

The world best recognizes Lexi Henkel as the partner of ABC correspondent Will Reeve. However, the details of when the two first began dating are unknown. But, Lexi first popped on her boyfriend’s Instagram feed in August of 2018, so it looks like the power couple has been going out for quite some time now.

Furthermore, since revealing their relationship, the ABC personality has not stopped sharing photos of his partner. As evidenced by the beautiful photos, Will has no problems declaring his love for his lover on his social media platforms. Moreover, the lovely pair have been dating for over two years, and their bond appears to be stronger than ever.


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Despite this, the pair have been reasonably silent about their love life. Similarly, the duo is yet to take their relationship to the next level. So, to address the question of whether Will Reeve is married, the answer is no.

However, the couple’s love life appears to be flourishing, so their big day could be just around the corner. So let us all offer our best wishes to Will Reeve’s partner for the time being and hope that when they are ready to take the next step, the couple will share their joy with the rest of the world.

Will Reeve’s Girlfriend Prefers To Stay Away From The Limelight

We can all agree that Lexi Henkel’s relationship with the television host thrust her into the spotlight out of nowhere. But, so often, when fame finds you, transitioning from regular day-to-day life to a life in the spotlight can be challenging. And, when it comes from a romantic relationship, the shift is even more difficult. Although some enjoy the unexpected fame, others are uncomfortable being the center of attention.

Understandably, Will’s lover didn’t exactly embrace the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle that goes along with such fame. It looks like she does not like flexing her life to the public. So, it is not surprising that media outlets have been left out of the loop about the couple’s romance. Moreover, Lexi has a private Instagram, making learning her whereabouts harder.

Nonetheless, with all of the riches the television personality has amassed, he and his partner must be well-off. So, even if Will’s beloved does not flaunt her lifestyle in public, we may assume that she is satisfied with her life.

Let us hope that Will Reeve’s girlfriend will come to accept her fame as a celebrity girlfriend and we see her more often in the future.

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