Here Is What You Should Know About Wyclef Jean’s Wife Claudinette Jean

Wyclef Jean's wife Marie Claudinette Pierre-Jean

Haitian rapper and musician Wyclef Jean‘s wife is Claudinette Jean. She lives with her husband in Newark, New Jersey. Born as Marie Claudinette Pierre-Jean, Claudinette is in a happily married relationship with her husband Wyclef Jean since 1994.

The celebrity couple’s marriage has lasted over two decades, which is a lovely thing to have. The lovebirds like to keep their personal life and children out of public limelight. However, Claudinette reportedly has a daughter with her husband Wyclef. Wyclef Jean’s daughter with his wife Claudinette Jean is an adopted Haitian girl, named Angelina Claudinelle Jean.

Wyclef Jean’s Wife Claudinette Is A Fashion Designer

Wyclef’s wife Claudinette, also known as Marie Claudinette, is a professional fashion designer. She holds a Bachelors in Fashion Studies from Montclair State University. Her career in the fashion industry reportedly spans over 20 years. On her Instagram, Claudinette posts pictures of models wearing dresses designed by her.

Marie Claudinette Pierre-Jean and husband Wyclef Jean
Wyclef Jean and wife Claudinette Pierre at the Fusha Spring 2004 event. Image Source: Getty Images

As well as being a lifelong student of art and fashion, Claudinette is also a founder and entrepreneur. The fashion pro is the CEO of her fashion design company, Fushá Designs Inc. Her clients include high-profile celebrities such as Mary J Blige, Ja Rule, Whitney Houston, her husband Wyclef Jean, etc., among others.

Claudinette Jean’s Husband Wyclef Jean Takes Her On World Tours

Not many know that Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean is an adventurous husband, as he regularly goes on world tours with his wife, Claudette Jean. Thanks to Wyclef Jean’s net worth of $10 million, he can afford to take his wife out to lavish vacations and tours around the world.


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Likewise, Claudinette most probably feels lucky to have such a generous husband, who cares more about his lovely wife than money. The couple is often seen in public with their adopted daughter Angelina Claudinelle Jean, who is a Haitian by birth.

Wyclef Jean, Claudinette Jean and Angelina Claudinelle
Wyclef Jean’s wife Claudinette and his adopted daughter, Angelina Claudinelle. Image Source: Getty Images.

Apart from her glamorous fashionista lifestyle, Claudinette is also her parents’ loving daughter. Her immigrant parents came to the United States when Claudinette was eight years old. Her siblings include four brothers and a sister.

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