The Unlikely Love Story of Zayn Malik’s Parents Yaser Malik and Trisha Malik: A Tale of Two Worlds

Zayn Malik's ParentsZayn Malik's Parents Yaser Malik and Trisha Malik. Image Source: Instagram.

Yaser Malik, the dad of Zayn Malik, and his wife Trisha Malik are the proud parents of four kids. Just like his son’s well-known romance with supermodel Gigi Hadid, the senior Malik also has an intriguing love tale with the love of his life, Trisha. As a result, people are very interested in learning more about the romance between Zayn’s parents, Yaser and Trisha.

Zayn Malik, the famous British music artist, has been dealing with issues for a while. Amidst all this, it is said that his parents want him to return to the UK and live with them. Let’s learn more details about his dad-mom and their love story in this informative article.

Who Is Yaser Malik?

Yaser Malik was born on September 10, 1969, and is of Pakistani descent. He grew up as a British citizen in the UK since birth. As per the Pillowtalk singer, his dad is a reserved, shy man who loves living in Bradford. Even though his son is a celebrity, Yaser prefers to stay out of the limelight.

Zayn Malik's dad Yaser Malik
Zayn Malik’s dad Yaser Malik. Image Source: Instagram.

Together with Zayn, Malik and his wife are the parents of three other children, Doniya Malik, Waliyha Malik, and Safaa Malik. Even though Yaser gets along well with his kids, he chose not to go to his daughter Waliyah’s marriage to Junaid Khan in 2020. He did not attend the marriage because he believed that Khan would not make a good husband as he was a convicted criminal. It shows that Malik is a caring father who stands for the right thing.

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Trisha was Born to British Family

Zayn Malik‘s mom, Trisha Malik, was born Patricia Trisha Malik on November 10, 1969, in Bradford, England. She was raised by working-class white British parents who owned a bar in the city. Trisha is an excellent mother who gets along well with Zayn. The pop star revealed in one of his interviews that his mother rarely misses any of his performances.

Zayn Malik’s mother is very proud, but she acknowledges she has to witness most of his success from a distance. Trisha mentioned in a recent interview that she hadn’t seen her son for nearly three months because he had left for a Tour in Australia. She previously prepared meals for Muslim youngsters in the kitchen of a nearby elementary school while working as a halal cook. However, she quit her job following Zayn’s advice.

Yaser Malik and Trisha Malik Love Story

Trisha Malik’s parents used to work at their pub when she met Yaser Malik, and they both fell in love. Her life changed afterward, and despite having English and Irish ancestry, she became a Muslim after getting married. She said she needed to comprehend her husband and have the same culture and religion as him.

Zayn disclosed in his interview that his mom worked at the family bar while his dad stayed at home to care for him and his sisters. He fully supported his mom once One Direction became a household name so she could quit her job as a school cafeteria worker. He also bought a property for his parents in Bradford, where they have resided. Another popular singer, Damien Rice, was raised by his supportive parents, George Rice And Maureen Rice.

Malik’s Family is Extremely Supportive

Trisha and Yaser are incredibly supportive of Zayn’s music career. His mom encouraged the pop star to sign up for The X Factor, which helped launch boyband One Direction to international fame. Besides, the Malik couple is also very supportive of their daughter’s career.


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The eldest of four children, Doniya Malik is a blogger, influencer, and businesswoman specializing in beauty and fashion. Safaa, the youngest sibling, has already begun a family of her own after getting married, and she gave birth to a baby girl named Zaneya Malik in 2020. Overall, we hope to learn more about Zayn Malik’s parents. We hope they have many happy days ahead.

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