Taylor Swift Explicit AI Images Circulates On The Internet!

Taylor Swift Explicit AI ImagesTaylor Swift Explicit AI Images. Image Credit: Toglenn.

As public figures, celebrities are often subjected to rumors and speculations on social media, but the rise of AI has given some people the freedom to post explicit images of our beloved celebrities.

Now, another celebrated artist has fallen victim to deep fake pictures. Yes, we are talking about Taylor Swift explicit AI images on the Internet. So, what happened, and what’s the issue? Keep reading to find out.

Taylor Swift’s Deep Fake Images

On Wednesday, nonconsensual, sexually graphic deep fakes of Taylor Swift went viral on X. In just 19 hours, the account that uploaded the photographs received over 27 million views and over 260,000 likes before it was suspended.

The pictures showed Swift being physically intimate with various supporters of her boyfriend, professional American football player Travis Kelce, and his Kansas City Chiefs.

Although the images’ source is unknown, a watermark suggests that they originated from a website that has been around for years and is well-known for posting phony pictures of celebrities. The website features a section titled AI deepfake.

What Tools Were Used to Create Taylor Swift Explicit AI Images

What AI picture and video creation tools were employed to create the Swift deepfakes is still unknown.

Taylor Swift Explicit AI Images
Taylor Swift Explicit AI Images. Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson.

After scanning the photos, Reality Defender, a company that develops software for AI detection, concluded that there was a good chance the photographs were produced using AI. There has been no more announcement made.

The singer and her representatives have yet to make an official statement regarding the issue. So, Let’s wait for the announcement.

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What Does the Netizens Have to Say About This?

Some of Swift’s supporters claim that a widespread reporting effort was the reason behind the removal of the artist’s most well-known photos, not Swift or X.

According to a Blackbird investigation, Swift’s admirers flooded the hashtag with flattering remarks about her after “Taylor Swift AI” became popular on X. On Thursday, “Protect Taylor Swift” also became viral.

Furthermore, people are wondering when the law is going to find the person responsible as there is no present federal U.S. law monitoring the spread of sexually explicit deepfakes.

Taylor Swift explicit AI images circulating on the Internet prove that no one, not even the most influential people, is safe from the harmful use of technology.

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