Shocking Truth Behind Tom Lockyer Heart Attack: Why Did He Collapse?

Tom Lockyer heart attackTom Lockyer heart attack. Image Credit: Instagram.

Luton captain Tom Lockyer collapsed on the pitch against Bournemouth on December 16. This is the second time the Luton captain has suffered a cardiac arrest.

Fans are wondering the reason behind Tom Lockyer heart attack. The reports are in, and as per the Luton officials, Tom is still in recovery.

Luton Player Tom Lockyer Heart Attack

The match between Luton and Bournemouth was abandoned because Luton’s captain, Tom Lockyer, collapsed on the ground.

Tom Lockyer heart attack
Tom Lockyer heart attack. Image Credit: Social Media.

Lockyer, 29, suffered a cardiac arrest in the 58th minute of the game. Luton manager Rob Edwards dashed onto the Vitality Stadium to clear the way. He immediately directed his players away from Lockyer and allowed medical personnel and paramedics to offer care.

Tom was immediately taken to hospital before the game of Luton vs Bournemouth stopped with the score at 1-1. Referee Simon Hooper called off the match after 25 minutes of Lockyer’s collapse.

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Cause of Tom Lockyer Collapse: What heart surgery did Lockyer have?

Lockyer collapsed previously during Luton’s playoff against Coventry at Wembley on May 27, 2023. He underwent surgery to treat his atrial fibrillation, a condition that causes unusually fast heart rate. Lockyer spent five days in the hospital, and he continued playing football afterward.

This is the second time the Luton captain collapsed during an ongoing match. Although the player said he was given the clear to continue playing, Lockyer again went through an unfortunate event.

Tom Locker Health Update: How is he doing now?

As per Luton officials and doctors, Tom Lockyer is still undergoing tests and scans. He is awaiting the results before the next steps for his recovery are determined.

Tom Lockyer heart attack
Tom Lockyer heart attack. Image Credit: Instagram.

Lockyer remained in hospital undergoing tests on Sunday evening. As per sources, he will receive further treatment. Doctors say cardiac arrest has been the leading cause of death in young athletes.

Luton officially released their statement, requesting all the media to wait for further updates. Similarly, the Luton Town Ladies showed their support for Lockyer. On social media, the club thanked their fans for supporting their captain.

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