Shannon Lee Net Worth – Did She Inherit Her Father’s Multi-Million Dollar Fortune?

Shannon Lee's Net WorthShannon Lee has amassed an enormous fortune. Image Source: Shannon Lee Instagram.

Shannon Emery Lee, aka Shannon Lee, is a businessperson, actress, and martial artist from America. She is also popular as the only daughter of the legendary martial arts film star Bruce Lee and his wife, Linda Lee Cadwell. Shannon has starred in several movies and series that have helped her garner enormous fame and wealth. She has also been involved in various business ventures.

According to The Richest, the popular actress Shannon Lee’s net worth is $10 million. She has added such an enormous fortune to her name through her acting profession and business venture. For now, let’s learn more about Shannon Lee’s fortune and her professional career.

Shannon Lee’s Net Worth And Career

Aforementioned, Shannon Lee’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. Her profession as an actress and businesswoman has helped her accumulate such a huge fortune.

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Income As An Actress

Born as the youngest child and only daughter of Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Cadwell, Shannon was interested in martial arts and acting due to the influence of her family members. She made her debut in the acting world through her role as the party singer of the song “California Dreamin” in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Bruce Lee’s biopic film released in 1993. The movie made $63 million worldwide.

Lee then began appearing in a lot of acting projects. She starred in numerous movies like Cage II, High Voltage, And Now You’re Dead, She Me and Her, Lessons for an Assasin, Tekken: Reload, and Enter the Eagles. Similarly, she has earned significantly from the movie Blade, which made $131 million in box office collections worldwide.

Apart from movies, Shannon has also appeared in television series, which have gotten good reviews. Most of the series that she has appeared in are based on martial arts and Bruce Lee. Some of the television series are Martial Law, I am Bruce Lee, The Roots of Fight, and The Man code.

According to PayScale, an average salary of an actress in America is $50,633 per year. So, Shannon must have earned enormously through the television series that she has appeared in.

Income As A Producer

Besides acting, Shannon has also worked as a producer on various projects. She has worked as an executive producer in 50 episodes of the television series Li Xiao Long chuan qi and 20 episodes of the series Warrior. Besides that, I am Bruce Lee, and How Bruce Lee Changed the World is a TV movie documentary that she also executive produced. Few of her projects, like Little Dragon and The Bruce Lee Project, are yet to be released.

An executive producer has an average salary of $100,116 per year, so she must have accumulated huge income through her work behind the scenes as well.

Shannon Lee's Net Worth
Shannon Lee has worked as an executive producer in various series and movies. Image Source: Shannon Lee Instagram.

Furthermore, Shannon has also worked as a writer in Little Dragon, which is yet to be produced. She has also sung a cover of “I’m in the Mood for Love” for the film China Strike Force and the album The Mechanical Forces of Love of the American band Medicine.

Income From Inheritance

As stated earlier, Shannon Lee is the youngest child of legendary martial arts film star Bruce Lee and his wife, Linda Lee Cadwell. Well, Bruce had accumulated an immense fortune of $10 million throughout his career. After his death on June 20, 1973, Linda and her children went through hard times.

Shannon’s mother was forced to sell Bruce’s film equity stakes to support them. It hasn’t been revealed yet, but Shannon and her brother, Brandon Lee, must have inherited significantly from their father’s multi-million fortune. Even after her brother’s death, she worked to carry on the legacy of her father and sibling.

Income From Various Other Ventures

Apart from being a part of the entertainment industry, Shannon has also written a book named Be Water, My Friend. The book’s price is $17.49. She must have made a good amount from her book sales. Similarly, she hosts the Bruce Lee Podcast and also runs different social media pages of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee.

Furthermore, Shannon also possibly makes a significant income from the Bruce Lee store. Here are some of the items in the store alongside their prices.

Be Water T-shirt$29.95
Sunglasses T-shirt$29.95
Bruce Lee Dragon Full-Zip $79.95
Stages of Cultivation Plaques Set$299.95
DJ Dragon Black Mono Vans Classic Slip-On$99.95

Furthermore, Shannon Lee has worked on various projects related to her father.

The Bruce Lee Foundation

Shannon is now dedicated to preserving her father’s legacy. She serves as the president of the Bruce Lee Foundation and Bruce Lee Enterprises. The foundation established in 2002 has created physical and online exhibits to educate people about Bruce Lee. Furthermore, it also provides financial assistance to families and students within the USA to attend college.

Shannon Lee's Net Worth
Shannon Lee is the daughter of Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Cadwell. Image Source: Shannon Lee Instagram.

Moreover, the foundation also provides martial arts instruction for underprivileged youth, runs and creates Camp Bruce Lee summer program for kids. The foundation is doing great on its terms.

Lifestyle And Assets

Aforementioned, Shannon Lee’s net worth is $10 million. Thanks to her multi-million dollars of fortune, Shannon must be living a comfortable lifestyle. She seems to prefer her private life away from the spotlight.


  • Shannon Lee was born in California, USA, on April 19, 1969.
  • Her grandfather is Cantonese opera singer Lee Hoi-Chuen.
  • Shannon tied the knot with Anthony Ian Keasler or Ian Keasler in August 1994.
  • Anthony and Shannon have a daughter named Wren Keasler, born in December 2002.

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