Furious Pete Net Worth – Is He A Millionaire Earning From His Channel And Other Ventures?

Furious Pete Net Worth And Fortune.Furious Pete has gained immense fame as a YouTuber. Image Source: Furious Pete Instagram.

Peter Czerwinski, famous by his stage name Furious Pete is a YouTube personality and competitive eater from Canada. Born and brought up in Ontario, Peter has been successful in holding fourteen Guinness World Records in eating.

Peter is one of the most well-known social media stars. He has accumulated a grand sum from his YouTube earnings. Looking at his popularity and the number of views that his YouTube channel receives, Furious Pete’s net worth is estimated to be a grand sum. The fortune that he has accumulated in his career comprises his income from his YouTube channel and various other ventures.

Furious Pete Net Worth And Career

As stated earlier, Furious Pete’s net worth includes his earnings from YouTube and other business ventures. He is a popular YouTuber and uploads his videos on the channel named Furious Pete that has over 5.17 million subscribers. Through his YouTube channel, he has gained immense fame. Peter also has a huge fan following on other social media platforms.

Income From YouTube

Pete started his career when he beat an eating record. The victory made him realize his talent in eating. He decided to participate in more eating-related challenges and share them with the world. He uploaded his first ever video on his channel on June 23, 2007. The video has since gained 167,848 views. Since then, he has uploaded several videos, and many of them get millions and millions of views. His popular uploads include the videos like Biggest, Best, and Most Famous Eats in America (NYC, Vegas & LA), Before & After Fitness Transformation Trick Exposed in Just 5 Hours, and Top 10 Burger Challenges with 56 million, 25 million, and 24 million views respectively.

Furious Pete Net Worth
Furious Pete has amassed an enormous fortune from his YouTube channel. Image Source: Furious Pete Instagram.

Furious Pete has a huge fan following, and thus his net worth is estimated to be of a considerate amount. According to the Social Blade, his YouTube channel has estimated monthly earnings of $406 – $6.5K and $4.9K – $78K yearly earnings. He also uploads vlogs on his other YouTube channel which has 731K subscribers. His second channel has an estimated monthly and yearly earnings of $23-$360 and $270-$4.3K, respectively.

Peter loves eating and he has participated in various eating competitions and has even won some of them. He gets paid to participate in such competitions which have also helped him earn significant wealth. So, there’s no doubt that Peter’s wealth has increased over the year from his YouTube channel.

Has a Merchandise store

Besides his income from the YouTube channel, Peter has also earned significantly from the merchandise store, where he sells goods at a reasonable price. Here are some of the items in the store, along with their respective prices.

Fragmented Tee- Black$20
X-Life Tank- Black$18
Inception Signature Crew- Black$45
D4L Camo Koozie$3
Mini Rose Gold D4L Necklace$49
Furious 60 Complete Cutting Guide$39
D4L Snapback- Silverback$17

Pete also sells various supplements in his store. The famous YouTuber with 462K followers on Instagram uses his platform to advertise various products that his store has launched. The supplements, named as GokuGrains, have various flavors and nutritious elements.

Pete’s income has risen significantly over the years due to his store and YouTube channel’s earnings.

Hold Guinness World Records

As stated earlier, Peter started his career from an eating competition, and there he gained a victory. This inspired him to participate in various other eating-related challenges. He holds fourteen Guinness World records in competitive eating. Here’s the table showing some of his victories that helped him hold Guinness World records.

Amount of food eatenTime Taken to Eat The Food
A whole raw onion43.53 seconds
17 Bananas2 minutes
15 Hamburgers10 minutes
750 milliliters Olive oil60 seconds
17 Jaffa Cakes60 seconds

Apart from these, he has also participated in an initial season of Canada’s Got Talent, where he ate 5 hard-boiled eggs, 3 pieces of Canadian bacon, 2 bananas, and a bag of milk in 51 seconds. But he could not make it past the Toronto Auditions.

Lifestyle And Assets

There’s no doubt that Furious Pete earns an enormous fortune as a YouTuber. As we have mentioned earlier, Furious Pete’s net worth must be of a generous amount. Thanks to his wealth, Pete is living comfortably in his residence in Canada with his family. Well, the talented Pete is also in a relationship with Melissa Cvjeticanin. They started dating somewhere around 2009. The pair had plans to get married in 2017 but postponed their wedding.

Furious Pete Net Worth And Earnings.
The famous YouTuber is currently dating Melissa Cvjeticanin. Image Source: Furious Pete Instagram.

Going through his Instagram, we can see that Peter goes on vacation in different places. In 2017, he uploaded a vlog of him shopping for a new car. In that video, Peter asked his fans to help him choose between different cars like Ford and Sedan. He also mentioned that he likes BMW N5. Furthermore, he loves eating and we can see that he has posted pictures of various food items on his Instagram. There’s no doubt that he spends quite a lot of money on food items.  All of the assets that Pete has accumulated over the years show the lavish lifestyle that the famous YouTuber enjoys.


  • Peter Czerwinski, aka Furious Pete, was born on November 30, 1985.
  • Compared to an average person, Peter has a slower digestion rate.
  • A DVD documentary film, which is named The Story of Furious Pete, was selected at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. The documentary was based on his life.
  • Pete grew up with his parents, both of whom faced health issues. As a teenager, he fought against anorexia which led him to get hospitalized.
  • After successfully battling testicular cancer twice in the past, he was again diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2017.

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