A Closer Look at Comedian and Actress Mamrie Hart’s Net Worth

Mamrie Hart's Net WorthMamrie Hart's Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Get ready to laugh out loud as we take a closer look at the life and career of the hilarious comedian and actress Mamrie Hart.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of Mamrie Hart’s net worth and how she’s built her career from the ground up. Get set to discover everything about the comedian star’s financial accomplishments.

Knowing Mamrie Hart

  • Mamrie Hart is an American comedian, actress, writer, and performer born on September 22, 1983.
  • In 2011, she became famous for her YouTube series, You Deserve a Drink. She won two Streamy Awards for her work on the show.
  • Currently, she co-hosts Tiny Food Fight on Discovery+ alongside Darnell Ferguson.
  • Along with Erin McCarson and Jessica Bartley, she formed a band named Cudzoo & the Faggettes.
  • Hart guest-starred in Season 5 of the YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History.

From DIY Cocktails to Comedy Shows: The Multi-Faceted Career of Mamrie Hart

Hart’s infectious humor and unique perspective have earned her a loyal following. She’s known for her DIY cocktail tutorials, hilarious comedy shows, and appearances on popular TV series.

Mamrie has produced a collection of side-splitting and informative cocktail tutorials on her YouTube channel, where she divulges her cherished recipes and techniques for making delectable drinks in the comfort of one’s home.

As of May 2023, Hart boasts 1.06 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. According to Social Blade, she makes $107 to $1.7K early from the channel.

Mamrie Hart's Net Worth
Mamrie Hart’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Away from YouTube, Mamrie has made a name for herself in comedy ventures. She has written and performed with the Upright Citizens Brigade.

In addition, the comedian also wrote and starred with fellow Upright Citizens Brigade alums like Jim Satangeli and Game Liedman on Fodder, the Cooking Channel’s online sketch comedy show.

These ventures might have added significantly to Mamrie Hart’s fortune, which is set to increase further as she is actively involved in her professional career.

Despite her success in multiple areas, Mamrie Hart remains grounded and humble, and she’s always looking for ways to connect with her fans and followers.

The Rise to Fame: Mamrie Hart’s Net Worth and It’s Contributing Factor

Mamrie has accomplished amazing feats and has established herself as one of the most highly sought-after comedians in the entertainment realm at present. But how was Mamrie Hart’s fortune built?

Born in New Jersey, Hart moved to New York after graduation to pursue an acting career. Although she got auditions, she decided to take a writing class to develop her own stuff and eventually tried comedy. 

Mamrie’s unique style and comedic timing quickly caught audiences’ attention, and she began to gain a following. Soon after, she started uploading videos on YouTube, which were an instant hit and garnered millions of views.

As her popularity grew, Hart started to receive offers for live shows and even landed a role in the film Camp Takota. As she progressed in her career, she hosted her own talk show called You Deserve a Drink on YouTube, which further propelled her success. 

The show was a hit and received millions of views, making her a popular figure in the entertainment industry. Mamrie also started collaborating with other YouTubers and comedians, which further helped to increase her exposure.

These exposures helped in the increment of Mamrie Hart’s wealth.

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The Impact of Social Media: How Mamrie Hart Leveraged Online Platforms to Increase Her Wealth

Hart leveraged the power of online platforms to increase her wealth and grow her career beyond traditional media channels.

Because of her popularity, many brands might have approached Mamrie for collaborations. These collaborations got useful in enhancing Mamrie Hart’s riches.


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Hart’s success on social media also led to several entrepreneurial ventures. Many of her projects, like Camp Takota, Dirty 30, Cudzoo & the Faggettes, and others, have paid her well.

On top of that, Hart authored two books, You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery and I’ve Got This Round: More Tales of Debauchery, both of which became bestsellers.

She also started a podcast with Grace Helbig called This Might Get Weird, which has gained a large following.

Thus, it is plausible to state that Mamrie Hart’s wealth is plausible. Hopefully, she will earn more in the coming days.

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Trivia and Facts

  • Mamrie attended high school in Boonville, North Carolina.
  • Mamrie Hart’s parents are actor David Hart and an English teacher, Caroline Mayhall.
  • She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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