Nene Leakes Net Worth – Besides RHOA, What Are Her Other Earning Sources?

Nene Leakes Net Worth and EaringsNene Leakes' net worth of $14 million stems primarily from her appearance on the hit reality television show RHOA. Image Source: Nene Leakes Instagram.

The world remembers Linnethia Monique Leakes, popularly known as NeNe Leakes, as one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). However, apart from being a reality television personality, she is also an actress, presenter, businesswoman, author, and fashion designer.

The RHOA star has tried her hand in many things. Fortunately, she has found success in all of her pursuits. And, owing to her works, the reality star has also amassed a large fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, NeNe Leakes has a net worth of $14 million.

So, what exactly is Leakes’ primary means of income, and what additional sources of income does she have? Let us find out in this segment.

NeNe Leakes Net Worth and Earnings

As mentioned above, NeNe Leakes’ net worth is a jaw-dropping $14 million. When you break down the actress’s sources of income, it’s easy to see how she’s accumulated so much wealth over time.

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Earnings From Acting And Hosting

Leakes has dabbled in various fields, but she is best recognized for her television appearances. As a result, it should be no surprise that tv is her primary source of income. However, she has also acted in several popular movies and tv shows over the years.

Some of the works she has been involved in, along with the timeframe, are listed below.

The New Normal2012-2013
First Wives Club 2019
Ride or Die2019

Moreover, the actress has also hosted a few TV shows, including Entertainment Tonight, The Real, The Talk, and Live with Kelly and Ryan. Clearly, NeNe Leakes’ fortune must have skyrocketed with all of her television appearances.

Income From RHOA

NeNe Leakes is known for many things. However, the world primarily recognizes her for her involvement in Bravo’s reality television show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Leakes made her RHOA debut in 2008 and stayed on for seven seasons.


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The NYC native never once failed to keep the audience entertained throughout the seven seasons. But, of course, the more the viewers, the more someone earns with reality shows. So, naturally, the audience is curious about Leakes’ earnings on the show. So, then how much did NeNe make per episode on the show?

It’s no secret that reality shows are a lucrative profession for celebrities. The more drama there is, the more money they cash in from the show. On the program, NeNe’s name was synonymous with drama, so it’s no coincidence that she was the highest-paid among the housewives, earning $1 million per episode during her peak.

However, the television personality chose not to continue with the show in 2015. Nonetheless, NeNe Leakes’ net worth must have improved tremendously from her on-screen appearances during her years on the show.

Is A Businesswoman

Aside from being a famous TV personality, NeNe Leakes is also a businesswoman and runs several thriving businesses. The first of her business was a clothing store named Swagg Boutique.

Leakes is known for having glamourous attires, and her boutique was no less. From trendy tops to dazzling accessories, her store had it all. Unsurprisingly, most of the goods were priced over a hundred dollars. Unfortunately, three of her stores were forced to shut down due to the pandemic.

Nonetheless, NeNe still sells clothing items through her online website. Some of the items, along with their prices, are:

  1. Cold Shoulder Lace – $169
  2. Bell Bottom Stretch Jeans – $150
  3. Short Camo Love Jacket – $210
  4. Animal Life 2PC Silk Set – $199
  5. Leopard Shiny Jumpsuit – $156

Similarly, the businesswoman also owns Color Mane Wig Collection. Most of the wigs in her shop cost around $850. There is no doubt that her business is doing well, or, to put it another way, they are among the finest in the fashion industry. So, she must have earned thousands of dollars by selling wigs alone.

Additionally, Leakes is the co-owner of The Linnethia Lounge, which she shares with her younger son, Brentt LeakesHer business is undeniably thriving, as seen by the thousands of followers on its official Instagram profile. Furthermore, NeNe’s popularity must bring a large number of customers to their lounge. 

So, while RHOA might have contributed to most of her wealth, NeNe Leakes’ fortune has surely notched up with all of her business ventures over the years.

Has A YouTube Channel

It has become a trend for TV personalities to start a YouTube channel in recent years. Reality stars typically share all the juicy details and behind-the-scenes drama on their channel. And who does not love some tea being spilled? So, naturally, thousands of admirers tune in to listen to their favorite celebrity drama.

Likewise, NeNe’s YouTube channel is full of RHOA gossip, whether it’s calling out people or presenting her side of the story. Furthermore, Leakes shares snippets of her life with her admirers. So, given the amount of drama on her channel, it is no wonder that the TV personality has over 157K subscribers.

Well, along with fame, the RHOA star makes a good living through her YouTube channel. According to Social Blade, the actress earns between $33 and $527 per year or somewhere between $3 and $44 per month. So, apart from her other ventures, NeNe Leakes’ net worth also includes the earnings from her YouTube channel.

While Leakes’ income from YouTube may be modest at the moment, there is no doubt that her popularity will grow over time, resulting in more exposure. So, let us hope we get to see more of NeNe’s entertaining videos in the coming days.

Lifestyle And Assets

It is no secret that reality stars earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per episode. So, with such a staple source of income, it comes as no surprise that celebrities live a life filled with luxury. However, while some stars are reluctant to reveal how they spend their wealth, others have no problem flaunting their riches in front of the world.

Similarly, NeNe can be sighted wearing designer clothing and accessories regularly. Moreover, she also purchased a home for her eldest son. And talking about houses, Leakes’ estate in Duluth is now on the market for $3,495,000. Her lavish villa, which has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a golf course, a swimming pool, and a large wardrobe, was initially listed for $4 million.

Nene Leakes Net Worth
Nene Leakes’ net worth is sufficient to allow her to live a luxurious life. Image Source: NeNe Leakes Instagram.

The actress bought a second home in Duluth, Georgia, for $260,000 in January 2020. With all of her purchases, it is evident that  NeNe Leakes’ net worth of $14 million is providing her with a comfortable life.

So, let us all wish the reality television star well and hope that her fortune rises in the coming days.

Trivia and Facts

  • NeNe Leakes’ husband, Gregg Leakes, died of colon cancer on September 1, 2021
  • Leakes’ son, Bryson Rashard Bryant, has been arrested numerous times on different charges.

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